29% Of People Prefer This Sofa Upholstery To Cotton

The sofa is the center of a living room design, and choosing one is more than an aesthetic decision. Of course, you want yours to fit well in your space, but if it's not functional as well, then is it really the right one for your home? Explore Home suggests considering your lifestyle first when it comes to choosing a sofa. How much wear and tear it will get and who will be sitting on it should be the main questions.

Figuring out what your needs are can also help you figure out which upholstery type is the best option. That won't only affect the look of the sofa, but its upkeep as well. But what's the most popular type? You might be surprised that it isn't cotton, as we were; House Digest surveyed 627 people and found interesting results. So which material would people rather have in their homes? It was a close race, but the winner is ...

Love the look of leather

Leather is the favorite choice of this group of respondents. Of the 627 surveyed, 187 people — 29.82% of the total vote — say that leather or faux leather is the upholstery style they prefer. The love of leather and faux leather isn't that surprising since it's a timeless material that can also look very contemporary. Leather sofas also offer a sleek and elegant appearance, says MasterClass, and can work in a variety of interior styles from mid-century modern to industrial lofts.

Additionally, leather and faux leather are also hypoallergenic because the fabric doesn't collect dust mites, pet hair and dander, and other irritants that can affect allergy sufferers. Plus, when you choose a quality leather sofa, the material can be extremely durable and stain-resistant. However, some leather can scratch easily and might not be best for homes with young kids or pets. And while they may look nice, a leather sofa might not be the coziest for a movie night; they tend to retain heat and be a little firmer than traditional fabric sofas. Oh, and to get the best quality and durability, you'll have to spend a pretty penny.

Cotton is close behind

Though leather won out as the preferred upholstery style, the runner-up wasn't far behind: Out of the 627 total respondents to the survey, 171 or 27.27% of respondents reported that they would prefer a cotton sofa. That's no wonder because cotton is a practical and cost-efficient option, says The Inside. It's also a highly versatile fabric, with couches coming in various patterns as well as solid colors. Cotton is often colorfast, too, which means it resists fading, particularly in sunlight.

Cotton is also known for being breathable and soft. In the summers, it won't retain heat, and the winters won't make the fabric cold to the touch. And the softness will make cotton easy to sink and cuddle into. But cotton is susceptible to stains, which means you will have to be vigilant with any spills. A cotton sofa will also require routine maintenance of dusting and vacuuming to remove dust or pet hair. Luckily, cotton is a fairly easy material to clean.