Get Inspired By These Perfectly Organized Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

For a lot of people, the kitchen can be the heart of the home. It sees them through many of life's milestones, such as graduations and anniversary celebrations, and also the cozier moments like dinner parties with friends and midnight snacks. For others, cooking is a way of life, and having an organized kitchen is an absolute must. But have you noticed that sometimes the way you organize your kitchen can compromise your style?

You may be wondering how to make sure your kitchen is super organized without it becoming boring or spoiling the overall aesthetic of your décor. According to Living Etc., if you employ the right hacks and tips, even the smallest kitchens or storage spaces can be effectively organized. We've all had that moment where we open a cupboard and a huge pile of Tupperware comes pouring out, or pan lids crash to the floor. Organizing your cabinets in a stylish but effective way can eliminate all of that.

1. Create a tension rod shelf

For small items, such as spice jars, secure a tension rod across the width of the inside of the cabinet. It's a great way to maximize the space by adding an extra shelf. 

2. Adjust the shelf height

It's so simple and effective, but it might not automatically come to mind. Rearranging the layout of your shelves inside the cabinet will make a huge difference when it comes to organizing and storing larger or smaller items.

3. Organize your cookbooks

If your cookbooks are a mess, try putting them in order by size, color, or type of cuisine. It can help give your kitchen a more organized feel and make it easy to find just the one you're looking for.

4. Use stick-on caddies

Adhering stick-on caddies like these from Command frees up space for more things instantly. They can be placed inside cabinet doors without using any tools, and you can remove them with ease to use again elsewhere.

5. Use magnetic strips

Using a magnetic strip to hang all of your sharp knives will free up useful drawer space and also keep them safely out of the reach of children. Also, if you have expensive, designer knives, displaying them is a nice touch for your kitchen.

6. Hide clutter with patterned paper

Everyone has drawers or cabinets that are used for miscellaneous items and, by their nature, they're messy. If you have glass-fronted cabinets, seeing this clutter spoils the overall appeal of your kitchen. Cover the glass from the inside with patterned paper that complements the rest of your décor to perfectly hide the clutter.

7. Under sink tip out tray

If you're going for a super minimal, streamlined effect, then having dish soap, wet sponges, and cleaning cloths on display will detract from that. Installing a tip out tray under your sink to store these small items makes use of a normally forgotten space and clears your countertops.

8. Organize items from large to small

Collect similar items together and order them according to their size. This is particularly good for open shelving, but it works for cabinet interiors too, and it gives the whole space a cohesive look.

9. Organize your junk drawer

We all have it, the drawer (or maybe 3!) that houses all the miscellaneous, random bits that we don't know what to do with. Introduce small boxes to keep similar items together, such as keys, money, pins, wires, or even that broken watch you haven't yet gotten fixed.

10. Put spices in a drawer

If you have extra drawer space, dedicate one to spices. Labeling the tops of each jar will make it a cinch to quickly find exactly what you need.

11. Label everything

Speaking of labels, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. If you often need to quickly locate items in your kitchen, then labeling everything is the answer. For some people it can be the height of organization, or the difference between salt in your coffee instead of sugar.

12. Organize your fridge

A superbly organized refrigerator is always in style. Pinterest boards have loads of suggestions on how to get your fridge looking as organized as a grocery store aisle. Decanting items into labeled tubs and glass bottles makes everything look even tidier.

13. Have a color theme

Choosing a color theme for your kitchen can really pull the whole room together. Matching your blinds and your tea towels with other items in your kitchen, such as the kettle or toaster, will make everything seem in order.

14. Put turntables inside your cupboards

Turntables, or lazy Susans, can be very effective. They make it much easier to find things inside your cupboards without rooting through it all or having to pull everything out in order to get to the items at the back.

15. Maximize storage below cabinets

You can gain plenty of extra storage space by installing toe-kick drawers in the space below your cabinets. They'll be hidden away, making them the perfect place to put items that are not used often.

16. Hang items on the wall

If you have a small kitchen and struggle for space in your cabinets, try taking things like pots and pans out and hanging them on the wall. When done right, the effect can be pleasantly surprising.

17. Designate a coffee spot

If you have a beloved coffee machine cluttering up your countertop, and if you have enough space elsewhere, create a cozy coffee nook with mugs and a selection of ground coffees or pods. You'll have your own cute little barista spot in the corner of your kitchen dedicated to your love of coffee.

18. Utilize space above cabinets

The space between the tops of your cupboards and the ceiling can be useful. Use it to display cookbooks or visibly appealing collections that are taking up valuable cupboard shelves. Maybe put plants up there to add a bit of greenery to your kitchen, or use the space to store items that don't get much use.

19. Store mixer and attachments together

Rather than having the cutlery drawer house your mixer attachments, which can be quite large and numerous, the best place to put them is inside the actual mixing bowl while it is attached to its stand. This keeps everything together and organized, plus it frees up drawer space.

20. Use cutting board organizers

Cutting board organizers can be used for more than just your cutting boards. You can use them to store things like trays, placemats, or serving platters. They'll stand upright and stay neat and streamlined.

21. Use pants hangers

No, we're not suggesting you hang your pants in the kitchen, but bags of chips! If you install a tension rod across the inside of a cupboard, you can then attach bags of chips, crackers, or candy to the hangers. Hang them on the tension rod to free up space on the shelves.

22. Rolling plant stands

Rolling plant stands are perfect for holding larger cooking appliances, such as bread makers, crockpots, or even a microwave. You can store them in a pantry and easily roll them out when you want to use them.

23. Use a dish drying rack

A dish drying rack is great at organizing plates, cups, and bowls by the sink, so why not use one inside a cabinet as well? It's a simple way to keep everything organized.

24. Simplify open shelves

When you have open shelving areas, try grouping similar items together. Stick to plain or muted color tones and avoid bright or garish patterns to ensure a smart organized look.

25. Use color effectively

On the other hand, you could go a different way entirely with your open shelving and use them as an opportunity to display all of your colorful crockery. Pick out an accent color to add a more personal and fun effect.

26. Hang paper towels behind a door

If you're going for that minimalist, organized look, you'll certainly want to keep your counters clear. Installing a paper towel holder on the inside of a cabinet door will get them off your counter, but they'll still be easy to access and ready to use.

27. Hang spray bottles

You can hang spray bottles inside your cupboards by simply installing a tension rod or washing line across the inside. Then hang each bottle by its trigger and free up space on the shelves.

28. Install pull-out baskets

Adding a few pull-out baskets to your lower cabinets makes it much easier to find things. You can slide the basket out to see everything you have from above. Select what you need and push it back into place without shuffling through the other pantry items.

29. Clear out storage containers

Everyone has lids with no matching containers and containers with no matching lids. Taking some time to clean out and get rid of any incomplete sets will be worth it, and it'll really help with the general organization of your kitchen.

30. Hang mugs from hooks

This tip instantly creates space in your cupboards while displaying all of your best mugs. If your mugs match, the effect will feel ordered. If not, it'll add a touch of personality yet still look organized.