How To Get The Checkered Floor Trend In Your Home

Checkered flooring is having a moment! The retro-inspired trend had major historical junctures, including in the 1950s when it was quite popular. According to The Intentité Collection, interior designers are highlighting the trend again, not just using it in kitchens. Designers are putting checkered flooring in several other rooms, too, such as dining rooms, entryways, mudrooms, and more! As with any design trend, you can get inspired by unexpected places! Checkered patterns have popped up on walls recently in the whimsical home of Fashion Designer Stacey Bendet of Alice + Oliva in Architectural Digest. While her bathroom was doused in the checkered pattern spruced up with pops of green, it inspired us to take that design and use it solely on our floors.

Also, reDesign home's Laurie Renovation mastered a look with checkered floors with European influence for the kitchen. The entire room was inspired by a photo of a winery design in the south of France. The floors took center stage and were made of honed marble and limestone patterns, which were exquisite. Keep scrolling to see how to get the trend, making it look modern and updated.

Consider checkered floors in your favorite rooms

There's no doubt that checkered floors make the décor an extra dynamic look in a home. It's not a design to go for if you're timid! This look is stunning in kitchens and mixes well with warm woods and pops of color like these bright red kitchen accessories. This style of flooring would also look great toned down in shades of light gray in smaller rooms, such as a pantry or even a hallway.

Designer Emily Henderson made an excellent point about why this style tends to go in and out of fashion constantly for ions — "it's just squares." This simple childlike design is so easy but definitely packs a punch which is why we've seen it come back repeatedly. Plus, as the designer points out, if you don't want to commit fully, a checkered rug can be an excellent way for homeowners and renters to feature the trend in their homes still. If installing them as flooring is too much, you could have a neutral room and then add a checkered rug to create a beautiful yet modern look. According to Redfin, a rug should fit your lifestyle and show off your personality, so that's something to think about when making selections.

Think about tile size

According to MyMove, the biggest interior design mistake most people make is scale; besides buying the wrong size couch or tables that don't work, the incorrect scale of flooring tiles can also be an issue! Select the size of your tile based on the dimensions of your room. If your space is larger, go for a smaller size. While the traditional flooring pattern has much larger boxes, make a modern look with a smaller option! We love how this design really pops in a living area! But be warned, a smaller size should only be used when your room is larger because it can make a space seem too busy otherwise. 

On the contrary, larger tiles can trick the eye into a seemingly roomier space, according to the Tilemates Group. So if you love the look of classic checkered flooring, we say that now is time to invest in the traditional design for an eye-popping space that would be beautiful in many rooms in your home.