3 Savvy Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Cozier

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There are certain rooms within our home that we tend to spend more time in than others. From cooking meals, eating dinner with the family, or simply working on school projects, the kitchen is one of these areas. In fact, this room is used about two to three times daily, according to Madera Cabinets. Yet, despite its abundant usage, it may not always feel like the most welcoming and coziest place to hang out in.

As we all know, life has a habit of causing us to be extremely busy at moments that sometimes prevents us from being able to take care of our homes. This can cause certain spaces, such as the kitchen, to be neglected, leaving a messy and unappealing scene. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. Since there is so much time spent in this one location, it should be one of the most pleasant rooms to be in. Luckily, it's quick and easy to make your kitchen more inviting as there are many changes you can make to create a cozier space. 

1. Get rid of the clutter

The first way you can make your kitchen feel a bit warmer, as per Kitchen & Bath Classics, is to get rid of clutter. It's common for the countertops to collect a lot of unnecessary items, such as unsolicited mail or trash that doesn't always make it into the garbage can. However, this can and will pile up fairly quickly, creating an avoidable mess. Many people also have a junk drawer in their home that is typically located in the kitchen. This is often filled with old receipts and bills from days gone by. To make use of the space you are given, throw away any unnecessary items you don't need to make room for other kitchen necessities, like utensils or dishes.

Likewise, you can store other items and appliances that are needed in and under cabinets. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, around 90% of households own a blender of some type, yet it only gets used around six to nine times a month. Therefore, there is no need for these types of gadgets to take up space on your counters. Any decor that resides in the kitchen can be reassessed as well. These furnishings can naturally make a kitchen feel cozier, but too much of it can make it look messy and overwhelming instead. One or two pieces on each side of the room are all you need to keep it cute yet simple at the same time.

2. Give it a new look

Another preeminent way to cozy up the kitchen is to give it a fresh and clean look. You can accomplish this in several different ways. One option is to buy and bring in something new to your space, for example, an updated appliance such as a microwave or a piece of furniture that's in a different shape or size. Exchanging something old for a modern piece may be exactly what your kitchen needs to be brought back to life.

If this still isn't enough or you're not willing to part with your current furnishings, you may want to consider remodeling what's already in the cooking area. USA Cabinet Store states that, statistically, homeowners should renovate their kitchen every 10 to 15 years. Still, if your kitchen isn't doing it for you, it's perfectly okay to remodel sooner. You can do this by taking extreme measures, such as redoing the flooring; however, an in-depth remodel isn't always necessary. An upgrade can be as simple as adding a new color to the walls or cabinets. In doing so, you'll have the new look you desire without breaking the bank.

3. Don't forget the lighting

Lastly, one of the most important settings in many rooms of your home is the lighting. It's essential to have a bright light in the kitchen so you can see the details as to what you are doing — such as cutting fruits or vegetables. However, the wrong style of lighting can make the room off-putting and undesirable. KitchenSeer recommends using a warm type of bulb that projects a yellow and white sort of hue. They also suggest installing lights that contain up to 8,000 lumens. With these small changes, you'll still be able to see the areas needed while keeping the kitchen in a mellow environment.

In addition, Kitchen & Bath Classics also suggests making sure you take advantage of any natural light the kitchen may offer. If there are dark-colored curtains hanging up, consider keeping them open during the day or removing them completely. The natural light will then flow in to create a new setting and feel to the room. Sheer curtains are another option that can be displayed instead, as they will still allow the sunshine to seep through while keeping a sense of privacy. Alternatively, there are many privacy window films found on Amazon and other retail locations. These items also let the sunlight peek in without disregarding your personal space. With so many different designs and styles to choose from, you'll still be able to keep up with your kitchen's distinctive aesthetic.