20 Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Tables For Autumn

As the weather turns crisp and you find yourself in search of the ever-elusive pumpkin spice latte, you'll be ditching the bathing suits and cookouts in no time. When fall strikes (and sometimes even before it has), it's time to start nesting and getting your home ready for plenty of cozy nights in. Fall is also the harvest season, making it a time of abundance and gathering around the dinner table. Creating full tables filled with plenty of fresh produce and flowers in the autumn is a longtime tradition, most often associated with the Mayflower crowd, notes Wood On Steel. 

Want to get a harvest table that is Instagram-worthy but tasteful enough to work all through the fall season? Having a hard time finding an autumn aesthetic that works with your personal style? Check out some of our tips for creating gorgeous tablescapes, and get some inspiration before your next trip to the craft store! 

1. Vamp up the drama

Leaning into autumn vibes can be moody yet inviting. Fresh cut flowers, candlelight, and plenty of dark, natural wood can make the table a refreshing splash of drama to break up the transition from summer to fall. Plus, you won't need to do much to make the table extra spooky for Halloween. 

2. Nice and neutral

Many homemakers are in pursuit of a neutral home. Using muted greys, beige, and white can create a beautiful backdrop for your holiday feast and really let the freshness of seasonal produce pop. 

3. Pumpkin patch palette

One of the best parts of fall is taking a trip to the local pumpkin patch and getting the perfect gourd. Take inspiration from the colors you'll find there — sage greens, rusty oranges, and plenty of earthy beige, and build your fall table around them. 

4. Ivory and gold

For those who live for a little glitz and glamor, try out an ivory and gold tablescape. You can use a chalky-finished white paint and metallic gold spray paint to get a modern, stunning display for the autumn season. 

5. Blossom in autumn

While you may associate fresh blooms with spring and summer, don't lose out on displaying gorgeous late-season blossoms in fall. Dahlias, pansies, and black-eyed Susans are gorgeous options for creating a punchy and bright bouquet. 

6. Play with texture

If color isn't your jam, don't fear, you can use light, subtle options like speckled textures and woven table runners to give the table plenty of visual interest. Not to mention, mixing and layering textures is peak hygge. Check out our other tips for honing your hygge this season

7. Farmhouse fall

Farmhouse style is incredibly popular for a lot of reasons — clean lines, minimalist color palettes, and it looks good throughout the seasons without having to change up your look entirely. Just add some earth tone pops for a cozy autumnal vignette. 

8. Parfait en papier

You don't need to spend a fortune on place settings and table ornaments. Instead, just grab a stack of butcher paper, hot glue, and a pair of scissors to create darling pumpkins. 

9. Wreaths aren't just for doors

While we love a fall wreath to welcome visitors, wreaths also make for an amazing centerpiece. In the center, add some pillar candles and glass jars or seasonal produce for a cornucopia effect. 

10. Embrace amber glass

Raid your local thrift store and find some amber glass vases, tumblers, and anything else you can get your hands on. Amber glass offers a vintage charm that almost seems to radiate warmth — a gorgeous addition to your harvest table. 

11. Trust in rust

Call it burnt orange, rust, or terra cotta, this toasty color is having a moment right now. It's warming but not overwhelming and nearly reads as a neutral with a bold new twist. It brings the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves right to your dinner table. 

12. Gorgeous in gingham

Gingham is often associated with summertime picnics, but in a warmer shade of yellow or orange, this print is perfect for a fall-time table display. 

13. Get kitschy with it

Bring on the kitsch when you're decorating your dinner table. Painted plates featuring bold turkeys, chicken salt cellars, pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, and so on are fun additions to the harvest table. 

14. Think pink

If you can't get enough of blushing shades of pink, don't leave this darling cover in springtime. Pair with plenty of gold and shades of white for peachy perfection. 

15. Lean into earth tones

Look to the colors of the earth outside your window to draw inspiration — deep mossy greens, rusty oranges, and rich tans are great individually and paired together, especially with plenty of natural wood tones. 

16. Blue and white delight

Love the stunning blue and white prints that don many English and French china cabinets? Pull them into your fall tablescape with table linens for a fresh, clean look. 

17. Pretty in pastel

Orange and black not your thing? Bring your own style and color preference to the objects that evoke fall. A coat of acrylic paint can make any table décor a beautiful piece that won't compromise your style. 

18. Make candlesticks the focal point

Keep things simple by letting some wax pillar and taper candles pull focus. Candles come in all sorts of funky shapes now, from intriguing spirals to extra-tall tapers. 

19. 50 shades of off-white

White can actually be a warm, inviting shade, especially when layered with other off-whites. Look for cream, beige, and ivory accessories for a lovely tablescape. 

20. Create a classic cornucopia

It's a classic for a reason! Pay homage to the original harvest tables with a wicker cornucopia. Fill it with seasonal fruit and mini pumpkins for a classic look, or go bold with faux produce.