3 Items That Are Worth Buying At HomeGoods

From furniture and decor to pet accessories, HomeGoods offers nearly anything you need for your home. With so many options, you have to discern which items are worth it and which items you should spend the extra money on. Take wall art, for example. Something that should be as personal as art may not be the best thing to buy from a big retailer selling mass-produced items. Unless you really fall for a piece you find in HomeGoods, there are other affordable ways to get more unique or personalized art — Wild River Workshop recommends local artists or even online retailers like Etsy or Redbubble.

Though there may be better places to add to your art collection, HomeGoods still has plenty of products worth looking at. So what should you be shopping for on your next trip? Here's what you should get next time you're at HomeGoods and what makes these items great.

Decorative pillows

HomeGoods has trendy and affordable throw pillows. Although throw pillows may seem somewhat expensive for a seemingly useless accessory, One Affirmation notes they are great for decorating your home and work wonders in transforming it into a comfortable space. They're also a quick and easy way to switch up the style of your room when in need of a seasonal revamp.

According to their website, HomeGoods sells throw pillows that range between $20 and $30, and they're typically around $10 less than the same items from a competing store. Along with the price, these pillows also come in styles to fit whatever look you want in your home. So, feel free to decorate for the holidays or try a new design in your living room. Maybe you want to try adding a pop of color or texture to your space? No problem. The retailer has plenty of options at low prices.


HomeGoods has great decorative glasses, containers, and ornaments. So, whether you need something new for a fancy dinner party or just want to decorate, check out the quality glassware available at nearly half the price of other competing stores. For example, this Schott Zwiesel glass set is available for around $20 off competitor's prices. These sets are excellent when you want to have guests over for a wine night but don't want to bust out expensive or antique pieces.

In addition to glasses, they have vases, candles, serving trays, and picture frames for cheap. It's easy to overspend on these pieces that are often touted as luxury items, and for something that you may not use that often (or that could break), we say it's best to go for the deal and stick with HomeGoods. Your wine will taste the same out of the $20 set as the $900 set anyway. 

Storage baskets

One last item that's a worthy purchase at HomeGoods is the storage baskets. The site offers a wide selection of storage baskets, including hand-woven pieces, which tend to be very pricey at other retailers. Alfie and Gem mentions that woven and wicker baskets can make nearly any storage space look stylish and are a perfect way to add character to a home. They're also a perfect embellishment for natural, beachy, or rustic decor (not to mention they're functional!)

One of the cheapest storage baskets currently available at HomeGoods is the Taylor Madison Designs storage baskets, which include two baskets made with a white threaded rope design. While other stores may sell this stylish piece for around $28, they are available at HomeGoods for only $17. So, the next time you are looking for a smart way to create extra storage space within your home, check out HomeGoods' selection of stylish and affordable storage baskets.