The Best Plants For Your Garden If You're An Aries

The first sign in the western zodiac is Aries, born between March 21 and April 19, and described as courageous, passionate, and confident by Astrology Zodiac Signs. Although Aries have trouble with inactivity, they love taking on new tasks and finding new ways they can use their talents. A fire sign, its power color is red. Red symbolizes their passionate and fiery personalities and allows them to tap into their natural strength and creativity when they surround themselves with this color.

There are many plants that can be useful to Aries in their day-to-day lives in addition to the five we've listed in this collection. Red flowers such as roses and tulips help this sign connect to its power color, as told by Global Rose, while Aries' birth flowers, thistle, and honeysuckle, bring out their natural strengths. Despite this, some of the best plants for Aries to add to their garden may be a little unexpected. The following succulents, blooming beauties, and leafy specimens are considered to be some of the most valuable plants for this zodiac sign to nurture.


Succulents such as red aloe (Aloe cameronii) and desert red sedum (Sedum telephium 'desert red') are recommended for Aries by Plants For All Seasons. The fire sign might consider raising a desert garden that incorporates these succulents as well as other drought-tolerant plants that require simple and straightforward care. These signs can benefit from growing species that don't need special attention because they won't affect the sign's busy schedule. In addition, a succulent garden brings to mind Aries' unique strengths and their ability to grow with others.

Red aloe and desert red sedum are perfect for the sign because they mirror its fiery aesthetic. According to San Marcos Growers, red aloe grows about 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide when it is provided with full sun, a bit of water, and hot temperatures. Its leaves are brightest in the summer, but it also produces gorgeous red flowers in the winter for year-round interest. Along with red aloe, red desert sedum can be a good option for its burgundy leaves and rose-colored flowers, as per Terra Nova Nurseries. Like red aloe, this succulent also enjoys direct sunlight but is hardy to cooler weather.

Red fairy duster plant

Red fairy duster plants (Calliandra californica) draw in Aries who are attracted to their power color, as per Los Angeles Times. This sign, who is always ready to explore a new path, can find adventure in this shrub's unique blossoms and large growth habits. The bright red, firework-shaped flowers mirror their exciting and sometimes explosive personality. And, as you would expect from the perfect plant for Aries, the red fairy duster is also drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant when it reaches maturity.

This shrub, which loves warm weather and full sun, as described by California Flora Nursery, can reach a height and width of about 5 feet. It develops as a round, loose mound and should be pruned to enhance that shape. Because of this blooming beauty's growth habit, it is best grown outdoors in a border garden or as a landscape plant in front of an Aries' home.

Orange-fringed orchid

Orange-fringed orchids (Platanthera ciliaris) are herbaceous wildflowers known for growing along roadsides, meadows, and slopes. It is a low-maintenance garden flower that attracts pollinators like butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees, which can increase the health of nearby plants, as told by North Carolina State Extension. Most often, these orchids bloom in the summer and fall with clusters of orange-yellow showy flowers that appear like fire in a summer garden.

The Sill recommends this plant to Aries-born signs because both are bold and exciting, and match their energy and personality. This independent and ambitious flower that grows in a variety of conditions reflects the Aries' ability to take charge of its own life. Though these signs enjoy taking care of things that need them, they will enjoy this orchid that requires little attention daily. The fire sign can enjoy the stunning sign of a blooming orange-fringed orchid in their yard while never taking too much time out of their busy day.


The tarragon plant (Artemisia dracunculus) is a herbaceous perennial that is known for keeping deers away and its use in the kitchen as a spice that pairs well with fish, chicken, asparagus, and more. The herb's tangy flavor goes well with Aries' personality, which is equally as intense and exciting. For an Aries that doesn't cook much, the scent of tarragon might be a good enough invitation to begin growing it. The plant's aromatic leaves give off a citrus-like scent that Vogue recommends pairing with notes of amber and wood.

This perennial can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it is not fitting for ornamental or border plantings, as warned by Missouri Botanical Garden. Tarragon needs rich, well-draining soil, full sun, and a sheltered location that will protect its branches from harsh weather conditions. Native to the temperate regions of Asia and Europe, the herb thrives in a range of climates in USDA growing zones 3 through 7.

Prayer plant

Aries are, stereotypically, workaholics that spend a lot of their time in the office completing tasks that will help them achieve their goals and rise above the pack. Because of this, a medium to a low-light houseplant, like the prayer plant (Maranta leuconeura), can also be beneficial to keep around their workspace. According to the New York Post, this greenery symbolizes Aries' big and flashy personality. It's also somewhat high-maintenance, which calls attention to the sign with the same trait and allows it to work well in a space where the sign frequents.

The prayer plant is a herbaceous perennial that opens its flat, ovate leaves during the day and closes them together like praying hands at night, giving the plant its common name, as Missouri Botanical Garden explains. This houseplant, which rarely blooms indoors, prefers warm temperatures, protection from direct sunlight, and evenly moist soil. With the right kind of care, the prayer plant rewards Aries with bright foliage.