5 Tips For Organizing A Bedroom With No Closet

No closet? No problem. There are a lot of solutions to help you create a space you love without feeling like an important storage option is missing from your life. In fact, Closets by Design states closets did not become common in homes until the 1950s. If closets were not a necessity in the raging 20s, they are not now — you just have to get creative with your clothes and accessories.

How you approach your bedroom storage options depends on your specific needs. Do you like everything out of sight, or do you want to keep those Manolos on display? How many clothing items do you really need to hang? How much stuff do you even have? These are just a few questions to ask yourself as you plan your new, fabulous bedroom storage space. It may be an adjustment to live in a room without a closet, but with a bit of creativity, you might just design something better.

1. Clothing rack

If you do not mind seeing your clothes on display, the simplest solution for a bedroom without a closet is to add a clothes rack. If you like the industrial look, you can even build one yourself out of an iron pipe from the hardware store. There are also many prefab clothes racks on the market that you can order online and put together yourself. Some options even include drawers.

Minto suggests this storage solution for those who shop mindfully, keeping only clothing items they truly love and wear regularly. This minimalist option not only saves space but also money and reduces the visual clutter in your room. Of course, if minimalism is not your style, you can use two or three clothing racks, depending on how much space you have. An extra benefit to this storage option is that you can see all your hanging clothes at once, which is nice if you struggle to find the perfect outfit every day.

2. Armoire

If you would like the closest thing you can get to a closet without having one installed, consider adding an armoire to your bedroom. They come in many sizes and shapes, from beautiful antique art deco pieces to modern options with clean lines. To be large enough to store clothing, armoires are pretty big, but they provide storage as well as a beautiful piece of statement furniture. Curated Interior states armoires are an efficient use of your limited space because the storage is vertical rather than horizontal.

Available options range from basic cabinets you can put together yourself to ornate –- and expensive — antiques. Keeping an eye out for used TV armoires is an effective way to save money while getting the high-quality storage you need. Since most people have moved to flat-screen TVs, television armoires are not as popular and can you can often find them used for a bargain price. You can customize these pieces by installing a hanging bar and adding or removing shelves to meet your storage needs.

3. Room divider

When it comes to creating room for your belongings, the adage "out of sight, out of mind" is an option. Your storage does not have to be pretty if you hide it, so you can use inexpensive, practical shelving, clothes racks, and containers for your clothes, shoes, and bags. These storage solutions, combined with a beautiful, unique room divider, give you the closet space you need and serve as a focal point in your room. According to HomeBNC, room dividers work to define the space, which means you can separate your bedroom from your storage, even if you just have one room.

Room dividers are relatively inexpensive, but they can also be made with a few simple tools to create a one-of-a-kind work of art behind which to store your stuff. You can build a simple wooden frame with fabric stapled to the back for a quick project or buy a few folding closet doors for a room divider that is easy to move as needed.

4. Curtains

Curtains add softness and a luxurious feel to any space, so why limit their usage to windows? Fabric makes an excellent, inexpensive division between spaces, including bedroom space and bedroom storage. There are a couple of ways curtains can work as a room divider.

If you kind of like to see your clothing and accessories, sheer curtains offer some structure without completely blocking the view. If you like BOHO style in your space, natural bead curtains are a fun way to add texture and division. For those who prefer to keep their bedroom storage a little messy, a solid curtain works more like a wall to block out everything you do not want to see.

There are several options for hanging curtains, according to Spiffy Spools. Curtain rods attached to the wall or ceiling are attractive options, but if you are living in a space short-term or need a cheap option, an indoor clothesline with curtains attached to clips works just as well.

5. Hidden storage

For bedrooms that need a little extra space to devote to storage, get creative! There are lots of nooks and crannies in your bedroom in which you can stash a few pairs of shoes or your sweater collection. As you look around for storage space, start with your bed. Lifehack suggests adding risers to make more room under your bed for storage containers or baskets. The next step is to think vertically. Install wall shelving and neatly fold your clothes or add cute baskets for t-shirts or jeans.

You probably have at least a few things that need to be stored on a hanger, so consider adding a decorative ladder. This option will not only keep your nice clothes from getting wrinkled, but it doubles as a display. You bought those clothes, so clearly you like them — you might as well look at them as part of the artwork of your life.