The Best Plants For Your Garden If You're A Pisces

If you were born between February 19 and March 20, you fall under the Pisces zodiac sign, per Astrology Zodiac Signs. Pisces is a water sign — along with Scorpio and Cancer — and a mutable sign, as are Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are known for being very unique, individualistic people with strong intuitive abilities.

Pisces is represented by the fish, and those born under the zodiac sign tend to be very artistically and creatively inclined people that surround themselves with similarly creative groups. They are very sociable but tend to keep smaller, eclectic, and intimate friend groups. This romantic and idealistic zodiac sign is full of deep thinkers, creatives, and artists. If you want to enhance some of the positive aspects of Pisces energy in your home, one way you can do so is through plants. Certain plants have similar energy and representative qualities to Pisces and can make a great addition to your home and plant collection.

Water lilies

With Pisces being a water sign, one great way to enhance the creative and natural flow of the zodiac sign is through aquatic plants. Aquatic plants are just what they sound like — plants that grow best in aquatic environments, like lakes and ponds. One aquatic plant that captures the beauty and unique qualities of Pisces is the water lily.

Water lilies can be found in small, medium, and large varieties, depending on the size of your water feature. They're grown best in ponds and lakes, but as Love The Garden points out, smaller varieties can be grown in pots of water or small water features. The water needs to be still, so don't plant them near fountains or other moving water. Otherwise, provide them with full sun and feed them aquatic plant food. If the leaves and petals start to fade or die, remove them from time to time.

Prayer plant

Pisces is a very intuitive, spiritually in-tune zodiac sign. It is also ruled by Neptune, which is the planet that rules spirituality, empathy, and sensitivity, per Labyrinthos. A plant you can add to your indoor garden that reflects these characteristics is the prayer plant, or Maranta leuconeura.

Prayer plants are houseplants named for one unique characteristic — their leaves move in accordance with the sun, starting out the day laying flat and turning upwards as the sun sets, mimicking a prayer motion. According to Smart Garden Guide, this does have practical application, as in native environments, the plant can more easily absorb rainwater at night. However, the intuitive Pisces will likely find a deeper meaning in this movement.

As for taking care of prayer plants, they prefer bright but indirect light. They won't move if they can't access the sun, but direct rays could scorch the leaves. They also need high humidity and moisture, so consider either misting them frequently or placing them on a pebble tray. Finally, keep the soil constantly moist but not wet.