Magnolia Network's Katie Saro On How Vintage Decor Can Elevate Your Home's Interior - Exclusive

If there's one thing that designer Katie Saro of the Magnolia Network's "The Art of Vintage" can do better than most, it's transform a room via the seamless integration of unique vintage finds. As such, it's no wonder that high-profile clients turn to Saro's use of timeless décor to breathe life into their homes. 

While a modern aesthetic is preferred by some homeowners, Saro argues that the feeling that vintage décor imbibes in a space cannot be purchased from a trendy boutique. "It's just like [how] an old home ... always feels different and more special than a new home ... Even if it looked exactly the same, a new home wouldn't have that same feel," Saro explained to House Digest in an exclusive interview. "It's the same with vintage furniture. It adds to the feeling of how a room is, and makes it feel more special and more connected to generations that have lived before you." And that is precisely why Saro believes everyone needs vintage pieces in their space.

You can't fake age

While classic design tends to possess a timeless quality, there's no substitute for age when it comes to giving your home a vintage facelift. For this reason, investing in vintage furniture will have a profound effect on your interior when compared to pieces that are designed to emulate a specific time period or style. "I think that you can't fake age," Saro revealed. "You can't buy 100 years of time. You can't buy that kind of patina in a store. You can only find it with vintage. So anytime you bring something old into your home, regardless of what it looks like, it makes the home feel different than you would've if you had all new things."

Luckily for homeowners who prioritize a more contemporary style in their space, tastefully integrating some choice pieces of vintage furniture is unlikely to detract from your interior design. "I think that just with people, with friends, with companies, with social settings, you always need diversity. The same thing is true for furniture," Saro continued. "It makes everything more interesting when there's lots of competing viewpoints. That's why vintage is great because you can pick the best out of every era, and it will always make for a more interesting arrangement."