3 Home Renovation Projects You Can Tackle Over Labor Day Weekend

As summer winds down and we've all got our minds on the crisp air, apple cider, and sweaters, it's time to get your end-of-summer chores done and get ready to hunker down for the fall, which The Guardian notes are an important part of human health. But between back to school, the end of summer Fridays, and just wanting to soak up as much sun as you can, it may feel like there just isn't enough time to get things done before the leaves change. But don't lose hope just yet.

Our guide will give you three home renovation projects you can tackle during the three-day Labor Day weekend. Don't worry; you'll still have plenty of time for strawberry shortcakes and popsicles. Once you've completed your chore list, take a look at our guide to transitioning the home from summer to fall, and get ready to enjoy plenty of pumpkin-spiced lattes and move nights in your freshly revamped home.

1. Weatherproof your home

With temperatures dropping and an increase of wind, rain, sleet, hail, and eventually, full-blown snow on the way, now is the time to weatherproof your home. This can mean a few things and will vary based on your region's climate. But some of the major ones are sealing doors and windows to prevent cold air and rain from coming in, patching any gaps around warped glass and doors, and making sure you have plenty of exterior drains to prevent flooding.

While these aren't the most glamorous projects, and you probably won't see any major difference straight away, you will notice a big benefit in your bills. Hansons reports you can reduce your energy costs by 10% to 15% by properly sealing any gaps around your windows and doors. And while you may not think a leaky window will lead to major structural damage, even small seeps can weaken the structure over time and become susceptible to mold, so be proactive here.

2. Switch out the light fixtures

With the coming of the colder season also comes a less fun perk, much shorter days, and less sunlight, which leads to far less natural light in your home. For instance, in the month of August, New York averages about 13 hours of daylight per Sunrise Sunset, but just 10 to 11 hours in the month of October. This can lead to a change in your health and sleep for the worse, which is why it's so important to have adequate lighting throughout the colder months.

If you have that generic lighting fixture that's been driving you crazy and have been meaning to hang a chandelier for months, just need to swap out that bright white light bulb for a more soothing, warm bulb, or need to shop for a cute table lamp, then this is the time to make those changes. Layering your lighting is important to creating a hygge home and can make all the difference when the sun seems shy.

3. Take care of the landscaping

While you may have been excusing yourself from tending to the lawn chores because it's been too hot, it's time to get to it. Trust us; you definitely won't want to do it when the first snow has fallen or when you have to tack raking leaves onto the chore list. Some good end-of-summer landscaping chores to start off with are mowing the lawn, deadheading and weeding your flower beds, and pruning any shrubs and bushes that have grown out of control. If you're in a true pinch, just make sure the edges of the flower beds are weed-free, says The Seattle Times.

Additionally, take time to cover up your outdoor furniture. Remove and store cushions from chairs and sectionals, wrap up or take down your patio umbrella, and give your wooden and metal furniture an oil and rustproofing treatment. This will ensure that you can resume your indoor-outdoor living in no time come spring.