How To Steal Vanessa Hudgens's Feminine And Vintage-Inspired Home Style

Vanessa Hudgens is most famously known as an actress and singer. She first gained fame in the Disney Channel original movie "High School Musical," via IMDb. According to an interview with Architectural Digest, the "Beastly" alum spent five years searching for the perfect place to call home. Located in the Los Feliz area, Hudgens landed on an estate called "The Little DeMille," which features a Georgian colonial house. She chose this home because there were multiple qualities and designs that stuck out to her. Upon her first arrival, Hudgens noted that she felt like she had been transported to a foreign country as she walked through the gate.

Aside from the draw-dropping exterior, Hudgens was initially drawn to the history of this home. It was built nearly a century ago in 1922 by its namesake Cecile B. DeMille. However, it has since undergone a few renovations. In 2018, Hudgens hired Jake Arnold, an interior designer, to transform the primary suite, while she later took it upon herself to remodel the kitchen. From earth tones to art decor, here's how you can steal Hudgens's feminine and vintage-inspired style and make it your own.

Deck it out with vintage items

One of the key decor elements that Hudgens has throughout multiple rooms in her home is vintage pieces. As per YouTube, a lot of items came from vintage stores and thrift shops. The largest piece she found, located in the living room, is a roomy pink mohair sofa. She decided to pair it with a travertine layered table with other casual decor arrangements, such as candles and books, residing on top. Nearby, she hung up an old movie poster from a French film for a finishing touch. Hudgens also states that she loves finding vintage books from all around the world to include on her bookshelf for both reading and decor purposes.

Vintage pieces are appealing and can be a great asset to any home. These items have seen more life than many will ever know, which brings history into one's home. Finding these types of pieces is also an easy and cheap process. There are usually one or two antique or vintage stores in a town; however, online shops such as Mercari or eBay are also available. Many elements can be incorporated into a variety of aesthetics if styled right. Don't be afraid to redo a piece by adding a little paint to it or pairing it with another item or two. Spreading these pieces out in desired rooms will also make it look natural and crisp, creating a picture-perfect setting.

Keep it natural and light

For Hudgens, according to YouTube, it was also important to bring life into her home. To do this, she incorporated large plants, such as a monstera, into various rooms. Yet, she didn't stop there. Located just beside her bookshelf is a large bouquet that was put together by her friend and designer, Chad Wood. While you may not be able to get a famous designer to create a flower piece, you can still buy some greenery to decorate your home. Plants are widely popular and can be found at many retail stores. Furthermore, as per Burger Farm & Garden Center, they can expel toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or benzene. Not only does this create the healthier and natural living environment that you're aiming for, but it also brings the room together. Just be sure to water your new greenery when applicable. 

With all these plants, you'll likely need to let sunlight in. Hudgens took this into consideration by making use of the spacious windows installed in all of the main areas of her home. However, unlike many others, she doesn't have any curtains or blinds hanging up in these rooms. Because of this, the natural light can easily flow in, which helps brightens the pad up even more. If you want to incorporate open windows into your home but are concerned about privacy, you can always install sheer curtains. These let in the sunlight while still allowing some seclusion from the outside.

Add some earth tone colors

Tying into the nature theme, Hudgens also opted to remodel her kitchen with earth-toned colors in mind, via YouTube. Prior to her pandemic renovation, this cooking area consisted of an all-white theme with red knobs on the cabinets. However, now it's a lot more toned down and naturalistic. She kept some of the white walls but opted to use leftover floor tiles from the remodel of her master bathroom to create a black backsplash above the stove, thus furthering the earthy theme of this room. For the cabinets, Hudgens decided to use a light green color to bring the whole room together.

If green isn't a color you had in mind to create this type of style, you can always opt for other natural-toned colors, such as light brown or a simple white. You don't necessarily have to use a shade of black as a backsplash, either. As Art Radar Journal points out, whatever color you decide should coordinate well with the other colors in the room. This way, it doesn't stand out too far from the rest. Additionally, white is one of the most natural colors you can choose from as it is almost guaranteed to fit in well with any other color. Just be sure to add a few colors into the area as well, so it doesn't look dull and plain.

Paint it black

Hudgens's main bathroom suite, and the origin of the kitchen's backsplash, is rather unique compared to the other rooms in the home, as per YouTube. Instead of incorporating whites, greens, and tans, this room is completely black. In fact, one of the only features in this room that isn't fully black is the white marble countertops. These surfaces match the bedside tables that she had custom-made for her bedroom, tying both rooms together. The other attribute that isn't this dark shade is the faucets. Instead, these are a gold color that is made of brass. Hudgens says she also wanted to have a hint of wood on some faucet handles to keep the room in a grounded setting.

To incorporate this style into any room, all you have to do is paint it black. The walls, the floor, and even the ceiling can be coated in this one color. While it obviously makes the room naturally dark, it still gives off an earthy feel. However, it's also important to incorporate other colors, even if it's done in a subtle way. The faucets, countertops, or even the tub can be done in a different tone that completes the black while looking original at the same time. Don't forget to let in some natural light as well. Open windows will allow the sunshine to flow through and compliment the dark room in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Hang up a variety of art

Lastly, one of the most important touches Hudgens wanted to incorporate into her home was art. She does this in a variety of ways, such as hanging portraits, canvases, and even wallpaper. According to YouTube, behind her breakfast nook area, she has wallpaper made by House of Hackney. This wallpaper is designed with mushrooms, flowers, and dragons creating a unique vibe to this area and the home as a whole. Over in her bedroom, Hudgens stated that she wanted it to have a feminine feel; therefore, she incorporated this into the art pieces. She has a few compositions hung on the walls, one notably by artist Elisa Valenti, that commemorates women's bodies. Featuring fun colors and designs, it symbolizes who Hudgens is as a person and the things that are important to her.

To include this type of aesthetic in your home, you need to dive deep into your personality and desires. This is a customizable element, so it should be true to who you are. Don't be afraid to decorate with a variety of art pieces as well. Whether it be paintings or wallpaper, let it be like a reflection in the mirror. There are many places where you can get art; however, you may want to get a piece personalized. You can also opt to make artwork yourself. In doing so, it will be one of the most authentic items you'll have in your home.