The 5 Best Crystals For Your Home If You Need To Open Your Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra (considered the second chakra of the human body) is located in the pelvis area and is generally associated with the color orange — a color connected to creativity. So, it makes sense that one of the purposes of keeping this chakra in balance would be to enhance creativity, as well as joy (because who doesn't get happy and smile when they see that big orange ball of light in the sky shining above?). According to Yoga Journal, this chakra also connects with sensuality.

Orange-colored crystals are the perfect additions to your chakra balancing kit when you need to do some work on this particular area. If you feel down during the winter months, grab an orange crystal to aid in your meditation. If your creativity seems to be waning, sit an orange crystal on your desk, in your crafting area, or wherever you're looking to get creative, and give the stone your attention each day so that it can inspire and guide you to find your creative spark. Bring some more sensual vibes into the bedroom with your sacral chakra crystals.

Here is a list of five crystals that are perfect for aligning your sacral chakra. Each of them has a little different use and look.

1. Sunstone

Bring the power and warmth of the sun into your home with a sunstone. A beautiful little rock, mottled in orange spots, Charms of Light says it's a form of feldspar. While it looks like something you may pick up in a rocky driveway, this stone packs a punch with good luck and the ability to enhance intuition, and it even helps with self-esteem. With these benefits, it would make an excellent stone to keep on your desk while working or on your vanity where you get ready to face the day.

Sunstone can be found in other colors, including green, red, peach, and pink ... but stick with the pink and orange variety when using it to help balance and enhance your sacral chakra. It's the perfect stone to snatch up anytime you need a boost in optimism. Keep it in areas where it can regularly be seen to help add more joy and warmth to your home.

2. Carnelian

Carnelians are easy to find in rock shops and can often be found in all shapes and sizes, even hearts and geodes (like the one pictured). It's a gorgeous orange crystal that sometimes has whites and reds mixed in with it, making it almost look like a red sky with clouds. Mineralism points out that this versatile stone is not only used with the sacral chakra but with both the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra as well. These are the chakras on both sides of the sacral, their colors red and yellow, respectively. The myriad of colors in carnelian make it so this crystal can not only bring joy to your life but also help ground you and help with self-doubt.

When using carnelian in your home, Mineralism suggests keeping it in your workspace so it can benefit you by helping you to find courage in your skill set, not overthink, and be inspired.

3. Orange calcite

There are a couple of interesting things about orange calcite you'll realize the first time you witness one of these crystals in person. The raw stones look like a chunk of citrus fruit, and when you pick one up, it has a waxy feel to it, even though it isn't waxy at all. This orange stone really stands out, and for good reason; as Truly notes, it's an encouraging stone that can inspire you to get moving. From enhancing creativity to sparking joy in your life, this is a great stone to add to your decor at home and open your sacral chakra.

A larger raw piece of calcite would look lovely and bright in any room, but consider keeping it in your bathroom for its overall healing and cleansing properties. Another good place for this crystal is anywhere you're working or creating, as it's inspiring and also helps improve your memory, according to Truly.

4. Goldstone

Goldstone is a shiny stone that's sure to catch your eye when you're out shopping for crystals — and specifically, sacral chakra stones. It's a reddish hue but takes on an orangish coloring because of the copper flecks throughout it.

While anything you read about this crystal will tell you a lengthy list of healing and metaphysical properties, you may be surprised to learn that this stone is actually a piece of glass and doesn't simply occur in nature, according to Tiny Rituals. You can find goldstone in other colors, including green and blue. Glass or not, it's a shiny bobble that, when placed in your home and used in meditation, can bring positivity and serenity into your life.

Tiny Rituals says goldstone is known as the stone of ambition. So if you ambitiously crave more sensuality, warmth, and creativity in your life, add some of this glittery wonder to your decor. Place it in your bedroom for more comfort and love. Use it in your craft room or office for more inspiration.

5. Amber

This is another crystal on the list that isn't actually a rock, but it is still regarded for its healing and metaphysical properties. As Ananta's Blog describes, this is really just a piece of tree sap that fossilized into a chunk of hard resin. Sometimes you can find amber crystals with bugs in them, like mosquitoes.

When you're on the hunt for one of these, you'll find those with insects within cost a bit more than just a small chunk of amber with nothing inside. Either way, this bright chunk of hardened sap is an excellent addition to your home and life if you want to balance your sacral chakra.

Place a chunk of amber on your desk to help reduce workday stress and help you make decisions. The crystal is known to help with memory and can inspire you to be positive, helping you to achieve your dreams.