Is Installing Wood Flooring In Your Bathroom A Good Idea?

Wood flooring can be a beautiful addition to any room of the home with its stunning texture and impressive patterns. Then again, putting it in as bathroom flooring where it's sure to get splashed with water, toothpaste, and bubbles may sound like a big risk. This is also a room in the home that gets dirty, and that means the flooring needs to be super easy to clean.

When placing any type of flooring in the bathroom, it's critical to think about how it looks and how moisture-resistant the material is, according to Floor Factors. The key here is to know that not all wood is the same, and choosing your ideal flooring means considering just how much damage it can take. That's why so many use tile in the bathroom — it repels water and keeps the area easy to clean. Can you get the same type of results from wood?

Reconsider the use of wood flooring in the bath

Wood flooring adds lots of benefits to the spaces it's put in, including creating warmth, natural material beauty, and a high-end feel to the space, even if put into the bathroom. However, MYMOVE warns that placing wood flooring in the bathroom isn't a good idea for numerous reasons, no matter what you want this space to look like.

Specifically, most hardwoods aren't moisture-resistant, meaning that a shower's humidity, a bathtub full of bubbles, and the splashes from the sink will create the risk of saturating the wood. That can lead to warping, and since most wood floors do not provide a warranty covering moisture damage, you could be out a lot of money. Since these floors tend to be some of the most expensive options to put down, you don't want to see them ruined within a short span of time.

Alternatives with a wood-look

Some alternatives could work in your bathroom space when traditional hardwood floors are not ideal, including a product called waterproof hardwood. According to Build Direct, this type of product has a layer of hardwood on it but also has an SPC core to it, which gives you the benefit of a strong, durable base that isn't likely to warp due to moisture. The top layer adds a waterproof barrier that's impenetrable with most day-to-day use.

You also have the option of choosing products that have a wood-like finish to them. You can find a wide range of options, such as the use of luxury vinyl plank flooring, a common option that tends to be affordable. Some waterproof laminates may also be available with a wood finish. There are even ceramic tiles that are designed to look just like hardwood floors with all of the benefits of easy-to-clean tile.

While you may not be able to add true wood flooring to your bathroom, you can find an alternative that'll look great.