How To Steal Nicole Scherzinger's Streamlined And Modern Home Style

The modern interior home style is currently more popular than ever, with everyone trying to look for what is hot at the moment. However, Interior Decor Trends confirms that modern décor is slowly shifting to a personalized style rather than a general one-fits-all strategy. Nicole Scherzinger's multimillion LA home is the perfect embodiment of this approach to design. This LA mansion that commands the panoramic views of the city features a modern style that is grounded in providing a comfortable space for the A-list singer, actor, and songwriter. 

From the interior design, furniture, colors, and texture, it is evident that this modern house was customized for Scherzinger. While not everyone can afford a mansion on the steep hills of LA, there is plenty to take home from Scherzinger's home. Creating a modern, comfortable space for yourself is a lot simpler than you might think. Sticking to the fundamentals of modern designs when it comes to color, architecture, and house arrangement is key to recreating a similar design. Let's look at some of the design details of this home and how you can make them work for you.

Embrace open and natural light

One design detail fundamental to a modern home style is plenty of natural light that brings an open and airy feel to your home. Right from the front door, the first thing that meets your eyes is the natural light stream from the floor-to-ceiling windows. According to Architectural Digest, Nicole Scherzinger has knocked down a few walls over the years to achieve an unobstructed view and let in as much light as possible. Well, there is no denying that the vistas over Los Angeles make having such large windows almost necessary. 

Typically, the large windows in contemporary designs are often unadorned for aesthetic purposes and also to let in enough light. Adopting such windows offers more benefits for regular homeowners than simply making your house look modern — it will save you a few bucks in your monthly electricity bills. It is a practical way of opening a room and bringing the outdoors in. Other than that, large windows also allow in plenty of sunlight which has been associated with boosting mood, stimulating productivity, and is also beneficial to indoor house plants.

Neutral walls

A typical modern home isn't complete without a neutral color for the walls. As mentioned before, the overall grounding idea for contemporary home styles is to create a functional and practical space. The interior wall color in Nicole Scherzinger's home is brilliant white. White, a reflective paint, serves several purposes for a modern home interior. First, it is not only aesthetically appealing but also works with whatever plan you have in mind. White walls are the perfect canvas for whatever décor you want to implement in the interior of your house. For Nicole Scherzinger's home, the white walls make the clean symmetrical lines stand out, bringing out the modern features of the place even more. 

According to MyMove, bold colors for the interior wall may take the attention away from everything else in the room, making every little detail disappear in the background. Scherzinger's guest bedroom interior is an excellent example of how neutral colors allow some details to emerge strongly. The picture frames on the wall and the nice geometrical shape of the mirror look stunning against a white backdrop. However, it is essential to mention that neural wall colors don't stop with white; shop around and try out a couple since it is the only way to find one that fits your fancy.

Simple and practical living room

A modern living room must be simple and practical while accommodating your unique requirements. For Nicole Scherzinger, her requirements were clear from the get-go; to create a comfortable home for herself. Well, this idea is accommodated in her modern living room design adequately. Scherzinger went for white couches that are pretty comfortable but simultaneously compliment the color palette of the whole house. When buying furniture for your modern living room, consider this space the most hardworking room in our home. So you want to go for the best materials. 

Also, depending on the size of your living room, you need to be careful not to make the space feel cluttered and disorganized. Nicole Scherzinger's living room also features open storage with shelves that act as an accent wall, providing a perfect stage for her to display books and other pieces of décor without cluttering the room. According to Anderson Painting, an accent wall gives you the liberty to break away from your original interior design and experiment without compromising the appearance of the space.

Go for large décor pieces

Bright white walls can feel sterile without objects and décor that introduce some contrast to that particular living space. One way of sprucing up the walls around your house is using wall art for décor. For modern homes, keeping the interior space clutter free is paramount. Therefore, larger decor pieces make more sense instead of crowding your walls with smaller wall art and décor. Nicole Scherzinger's home features several wall art, but the one pictured has got to be the best. This particular piece of abstract art makes good use of the wall close to the staircase. 

It is impressive to see the deliberate effort of keeping the color palette monochrome even with the large piece of art. This piece of art contrasts a wall that would otherwise feel sterile. Remember, art has a lot to say about your personality as an individual, so if you want to make a bold statement, why not go big with your wall art? When picking the right art size in a particular room, there is no one size fits all mentality. Canvaspop advises that the art should cover up to 75% of the wall space. In essence, the bigger the wall art, the better the aesthetics.

Consider wood and earthy tones

There is something about wood and earthy tones that introduces some sophistication and style to the room interior. Perhaps it is because wood is timeless, or maybe, it is a color that keeps you connected to the world, via Stone Gable. Whatever the reason, you can always count on natural wood color to provide that extra touch of luxury in your home. Nonetheless, for some reason, homeowners still consider neutral wood dull, especially for a modern kitchen. Well, Nicole Scherzinger's kitchen with a dominant wood color is everything but boring. 

The dark brown color contrasts nicely with the white walls and marble countertops typical of modern style. Stepping into this kitchen with warm earthy tones feels inviting and homey. It is fantastic to see how Scherzinger uses the idle walls with clean, subtle wall art that doesn't overwhelm the appeal of the kitchen colors. The white wall artworks add some visual interest while also allowing the kitchen area to remain the center of focus.