5 Items At The Container Store That Have The Worst Reviews

Those who love to organize probably enjoy shopping at the Container Store. In 1978, this retailer began selling only home organization and storage products, which had most likely never been done before, per the The Container Store. Because the store focuses solely on selling useful organizing tools, many turn to them when their home feels cluttered. And with products for every room, including the kitchen, closet, bathroom, office, laundry, and even the garage, there are plenty of different options to fit your specific needs. 

Many of the retailer's items are beloved since they focus on making both functional and aesthetic pieces. The store also sells products from collaborative lines with some of the most loved organizers, including Marie Kondo, Clea Shearer, and Joanna Teplin of "The Home Edit." However, not all its products are knock-outs, and some have received mostly negative reviews. Below are items sold at the Container Store with under 2-star ratings.

1. The hamper with a 1 star rating

The container store sells a round Blue & White Strapping Laundry Hamper for $27.99. This product has four reviews, all of which are negative, giving the hamper a 1-star rating. Every feedback says the hamper is very cheaply made and not durable. The woven material falls apart easily, and the handles rip off quickly. One customer said that the Blue & White Strapping Laundry Hamper is not made to be moved around at all — after only carrying it up and down the stairs once a week for six months, it was in pieces. Additionally, the material easily snags fabrics, which could lead to holes or picks in your clothes.

Mama's Laundry Talk suggests making functionality your top priority when purchasing a laundry basket. Therefore, choose one with sturdy handles and smooth material so it won't snag clothes. They also suggest choosing either a square or rectangular hamper, as folded clothes don't fit well in ones with rounded edges. Because the Container Store's Blue & White Strapping Laundry Hamper does not fit this criterion, it may not be the best choice.

2. Flimsy plastic Elfa hooks

Another item with poor reviews is the Container Store's package of Elfa Utility Basic Double Hook Platinum, which originally sold for $4 for a pack of three of the largest design. It also comes in slim and basic sizes and in a case of six. Out of 11 reviews, this product only has one positive feedback, leaving it with a 1 ½-star rating. Customers complained about how easily these plastic hooks break even when the weight limit isn't exceeded. Some said the Elfa Utility Basic Double Hook Platinum broke while being installed, and many thought they should have been made out of much sturdier metal.

This product is part of the Elfa Collection at the Container Store, which contains custom closet shelving that can be used in any home area. One of their main claims is that their products are durable and strong since their closet racks are made from epoxy-bonded steel. Some products in this line are well-loved, including this mesh stack of drawers with close to 5 stars and 85 reviews. However, their plastic hooks don't live up to the brand's claims of endurance since they're made of flimsy plastic.

3. Marie Kondo's spice labels don't last

For some, Marie Kondo is their source of organizing inspiration. Kondo is most known for her decluttering concept of only keeping things that "spark joy," which is called the KonMari Method, per KonMari. In addition to being a successful author, businesswoman, and Netflix show host, she owns a store called The Shop at KonMari, and some of her products are sold at the Container Store.

One of these items is a 72-pack of Marie Kondo Spice Bottle Labels sold for $7.99. All six reviews gave this product 1 star and complained about the quality. Many said these labels did not stick to their spice jars and started peeling off after about a week. Additionally, reviewers claimed that the labels get dirty easily and can be stained from the seasonings. And they're also not waterproof, so cleaning your containers may be difficult. In sum, this product did not "spark joy" for many buyers.

4. Webcam covers that easily fall off

According to Spy-Fy, webcam covers protect laptop, phone, and tablet users from potential cybercriminals. They are placed over cameras so that, if someone hacked into a device, they wouldn't be able to spy on the user from the webcam.

However, these products only work if they stay on the device. Because the SpyBlocker Webcam Covers don't have sticking power, they received under 1½ stars out of 12 reviews on the Container Store's website. Many reviewers claimed that these stickers quickly lost stickiness and needed tape to stay in place. In addition to not staying on, customers complained about this product's high price tag, as they cost $8.99 for six webcam covers. Therefore, while many love how cute these are, they may not be worth the money. Instead of purchasing webcam covers, you could use a sticker, a piece of a sticky note, dark tape, or a band-aid.

5. Food storage containers that aren't dishwasher safe

According to Finish, items are labeled dishwasher safe when they can withstand high temperatures for a long time without getting damaged. Additionally, they should not be affected by detergents or high-pressure water. Therefore, if something says it is dishwasher safe, it should not be damaged when cleaned in the dishwasher. This was not the case for The Container Store 2.4 Qt. Tritan Food Storage, which sells for $7.99 each. They also come in two other sizes and a pack of two. 

Though claiming to be dishwasher safe, these transparent containers with gray snaps warp and melt in the dishwasher, according to three 1-star reviews on the Container Store's website. Additionally, reviewers made sure to share that they placed these products on the top rack, which gets less hot and should be used for more delicate items like plastic containers. Therefore, unless you don't mind cleaning your containers by hand, you may want to avoid this product.