The Best Way To Clean Candle Wax Off Wood Furniture

Candle wax can seem like the worst thing to spill on wood furniture, but it is easier to remove than you may think. The tricky part is that you need to work fast. Letting the spill sit for an extended period can leave a stain. Then you will be left with more work after the wax is removed. ESB Flooring explains that in the case of a severe stain, you will need to resand, restain, and refinish the damaged section of wood.

There are also ways to prevent candles from dripping wax onto your furniture. One way is to place your candles on a decorative plate so that they can catch any drips of wax. Mirrors also work well because they act as a barrier, while beautifully reflecting the light of the candles. Another way to prevent dripping wax is to trim the wick before lighting the candle, which should be about a fourth of an inch long to burn correctly, according to Wicksly. Even with these precautions, there's no way to predict accidentally tipping over a candle and needing to use this easy wax removal method. 

Use a credit card

The most important tip to remember when cleaning wax is to wait for it to dry completely before trying to wipe it up. If you attempt to clean the spill while it's hot, you risk burning yourself and spreading the wax into a more significant stain. According to Nella Naturals, you can dry it quicker by placing a couple of ice cubes on the spill.

Then the wax can be scraped off your wood furniture with a piece of plastic, like an expired credit card or spatula. This works best if you hold the credit card or spatula at a slight angle from the table so you don't accidentally scratch the wood. You can also use a knife or putty knife if the wax doesn't budge using plastic, but you are more likely to scratch your furniture. Once you remove the wax, use furniture wax to rub any excess residue off the wood.