The Best Plants For Your Garden If You're A Taurus

All astrological signs have associated characteristics that influence an individual's personality and daily life. These traits become amplified when a person surrounds themselves with plants that reflect their sign's energy, making them more aligned with their star sign. Petal Republic explains that this occurs because, like people, plants channel energy from the 12 astrological signs.

Taurus is someone who is born between April 20 and May 20. They are hardworking, loyal, patient, and connected to Earth. Because of their characteristics, the Taurus is the perfect caretaker for a fiddle leaf fig or ZZ plant. This sign is ruled by the planet Venus, making aromatic flowers, like lavender and lilacs, the best choice for the garden. Some flowers also symbolize each month of the year, such as in the case of lily of the valley, which represents the month of May. A Taurus can feel like the best version of themselves by adding these plants to their garden.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf figs are beautiful plants known for being temperamental, making them perfect for the patient and hardworking Taurus, explains ProFlowers. If this plant doesn't have the proper care, it won't hesitate to drop all its leaves. The Taurus will take the time to properly care for their fiddle leaf fig without giving up when all that's left is an empty stalk. Once a Taurus sees their hard work has paid off and their plant is thriving, they will feel accomplished.

Fiddle leaf figs need high maintenance care to survive, including frequent waterings. This plant wants a tricky middle ground where its soil is always moist but gets to dry out briefly in between waterings. According to Greenery Unlimited, overwatering and under-watering are the most common reasons for the plant to drop its leaves. It also needs a lot of sunlight but does best with mostly indirect light mixed with some direct sunlight.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are for a more laid-back Taurus. They won't require as much hard work and constant maintenance as a fiddle leaf fig. However, patience is needed before any new growth can appear. Taurus is an Earth sign that connects with the reliable nature of a ZZ plant, according to Pistils Nursery. It is hard to kill because minimal care is needed for it to thrive. A Taurus with this plant can relax and take the time to feel at peace with their garden.

These are versatile plants that will adapt to their environment. They can survive in low light with infrequent watering. For ZZ plants to grow faster, Growfully recommends providing them with bright indirect light. It would be best if you watered them every three weeks because their soil needs time to dry out completely. To be sure that the roots will be able to dry out, you should plant them in a well-draining potting mix and aerate the soil when necessary.


Lavender should be in every Taurus' garden because it is the sign's lucky plant. Not only can it be planted outside, but once the flowers have bloomed, cuttings can be dried and placed throughout the house. Doing this will surround a Taurus with the benefits that come from the flower. The Essential Oil Company adds that lavender works to balance the mind of a stubborn Taurus so they can think logically.

Caring for lavender starts with planting it in well-draining soil that needs to be almost dry before it can be watered heavily (via Sunset). This flower also thrives in areas with full sun. Lavender will bloom from early spring to late summer. If you plan on harvesting the flowers, cut them below the flower spike in the springtime so the plant will have time to grow before the end of the season and can be harvested again during late summer.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a unique flower for a Taurus as it is the birth flower for the month of May, one of the two months shared by the Taurus sign. This flower represents traditional feminine values, like purity and motherhood, and is known for its intense floral scent, explains FTD by Design. Lily of the valley will benefit the Taurus by adding sweetness to their life and giving them a purpose, similar to fiddle leaf figs.

Planting lily of the valley straight into a garden will create a lot of hard work because it is an aggressive spreader, according to Almanac. This flower needs constant pruning to prevent it from spreading; although, planting it in a pot will create less work. Lily of the valley also needs to be watered frequently to keep its dirt moist, and it should be kept in partial shade.


The lilac is another ideal plant for a Taurus' garden. The ruling planet for Taurus is Venus, the planet of love, and Veranda explains that lilacs are known for attracting love. Purple lilacs, in particular, symbolize an individual's first love, per Veranda. Lilacs will also assist with a Taurus' patience. This benefit can appear literally since it takes a few years for a nursery plant to start blooming once it is transplanted.

Caring for lilacs is slightly different from the other flowers because they are technically shrubs. According to Almanac, they need full sun and to be watered during the summer if it doesn't rain often. They should also be watered every two weeks starting in early spring until the flowers bloom later on in the season. If the weather is cooler, they can bloom for multiple months. They will then come back year after year for up to 100 years, or more.