Are Barn Doors Going Out Of Style?

Growing admiration for the modern farmhouse style has also brought with it the wide popularity of barn doors; typically sliding doors with exposed metal hardware that look like they were taken directly from the front of a barn. Homedit explains that a huge appeal of these pieces is that they can act as a functional focal point in a space. Many designs add a rustic or industrial appearance to a room, but to make them look more modern, they can also be painted.

The popularity of barn doors grew increasingly as Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" began using them in many of their renovation projects. Since then, the trend has certainly made a splash in the modern farmhouse niche, yet you may wonder if it's time for them to go out of style. Are they timeless or trendy? As you'll discover, there are some differing opinions. Below we share how designers really feel and give the answer to the burning question.

Different opinions

Some, including Insider, feel that barn doors are a trend that's out of style. They believe the design choice was overdone in modern farmhouse homes, and it can sometimes appear dated. Additionally, they point out that barn doors are not entirely functional, as they allow light, noise, and smells to seep into other rooms through the sides of the door.

On her blog Lux Living Weekly, designer Veronica Solomon offers a slightly different take. While she agrees that some barn doors are impractical, she also thinks they can work in certain instances. For example, using barn doors for bedrooms and bathrooms doesn't make sense, since they don't provide much privacy. But as an accent in a family room or dining space, they can work. Barn doors can also be utilized where neither a swinging or pocket door work.

Long Island Press takes a similar approach, saying that, while not all barn doors are passé, extra rustic and distressed-looking ones are definitely out. They prefer modern styles with cleaner lines.

For others, the rustic doors are simply timeless. Barn door craftsmen at Real Craft claim they'll never go out of style because they're great in tight spaces, come in many different colors and styles, and can be relied upon to add an interesting appearance to any room. Sunburst Shutters agrees, adding that, since these doors can be styled in so many different ways, they'll always have a place in interior design.

Are they timeless or trendy?

For now at least, barn doors are not out of style, but they may not be timeless, either. As Sunburst Shutters says, barn doors are functional and have continued to evolve throughout the years, which has allowed them to stay popular for quite some time. Because they can have a totally different look depending on wood stains, paint colors, and finishing touches, they are adaptable to many interior design schemes, not just modern farmhouse.

Sunburst Shutters adds that the key is to think about what will last in a space versus what will look dated in the near future. For instance, black barn doors in a modern space may last for quite some time because they match the chic style of the rest of the room. However, rustic barn doors haphazardly hung in a modern space probably won't last.

Overall, most designers agree that the barn door concept is still getting a thumbs up, but it's impossible to know what the future holds. Only time will tell if this choice is truly timeless or just a long-lasting trend.