The One Bedroom Item That You Need To Have For Good Feng Shui

If you practice feng shui in your home, you might have read up on the different suggestions and rules the practice encourages. Feng shui is about creating balance and flow within the home or anywhere you spend time. Originally derived from Taoist beliefs, this practice is guided by the idea that chi exists in everything. According to National Geographic, it is a life force that encompasses yin and yang energy and guides the flow of the world. The thought process behind yin and yang is that by balancing the two, a person can create harmony and positivity in their environment.

When you incorporate feng shui into your home, you follow these ideas by placing furniture, decor, and even doors and windows (if building a house from scratch) in certain ways or areas. There are certain items you should have in any room to follow feng shui guidelines. Having a headboard is not only recommended within this practice but is necessary to keep everything balanced and in flow.

Headboards are important for feng shui

There are many reasons a headboard is one of the most important bedroom items to maintain good feng shui. The school of thought behind this piece is that it not only connects the bed to a stable, reliable base but helps you connect to everything in life. Relationships, work, and general well-being is guided by a bed that is grounded and stable. When setting up your bedroom, it is advised to place a headboard against a solid wall.

Without this addition, your bed may feel like it is floating or disconnected. According to Red Lotus Letter, this can affect your personal life and state of mind. Without this added "support," your sleeping space may feel like it is unsupported, leaving you to feel like you are alone in your endeavors. If the headboard is cracked or in disrepair, it might also leave you feeling compromised. Feng shui practitioners recommend investing in a sturdy unit that is not cracked or damaged.

Placement is important

Placement is also important when it comes to feng shui. Once you've invested in a sturdy headboard, you want to put it against a solid wall. Love to Know discusses how chi flows through a room and comes in and out through the doors and windows. For this reason, you do not want the bed blocking these entrances/exits, so always try and place it diagonally from the door. Do not put it in the way of this important opening, as the energy flowing through the room can have an inauspicious result.

The solid wall behind the headboard creates a sound base that makes you feel grounded and safe. It also helps stop the feeling of movement behind you while you sleep, which is necessary for a good night's slumber. Sleep takes up an average of 1/3 of a person's life, so getting the best version of it will help in every area of your routine. Don't let your rest be interrupted by inaccurate placement or a headboard that doesn't give you the best possible setup. If you practice feng shui, this important piece will ensure your bedroom becomes the perfect respite whenever you need it.