3 Headboards To Pair With Pink Bedding

According to Verywell Mind, many describe the color pink as relaxing, delicate, cheerful, feminine, and childish. Because pink is associated with these words, most people reserve this color for children's nurseries; however, the hue is quite a versatile color when used in interior design. In fact, Livingetc says that it can sometimes be used as a neutral shade. Pink could be paired with a number of cool-toned hues, including brown, green, blue, and gray. Or, it could be mixed with warm tones such as orange and red to emphasize pink's inviting characteristics.

Therefore, you can probably guess that you can add this color to any room in the home. However, if you have decided on pink bedding in the bedroom, you may need help choosing a headboard. Luckily, since pink is such a versatile color, you really can't go wrong with a number of different styles. Below are three headboards you could pair with your new bedding.

1. Choose a velvet headboard for a playful look

If you want to lean into pink's delicate and playful connotations, choose a velvet headboard as it looks luxurious and feels extra soft, per Fresh Design Blog. It also brings a sophisticated appearance to a room without creating any cold or uninviting feelings. Club Furniture also adds that a velvet headboard will act as a beautiful focal point in the bedroom. In other words, it will draw attention; and, on a more practical note, velvet furniture is durable and easy to maintain.

Another benefit is that there are countless colors to choose from. The Nordroom says that pairing a pink headboard with pink bedding and adding other warm colors like terracotta and mustard yellow will make your space appear maximalist and loud (in a good way). Or, for a mostly monochromatic look, you could style your whole room with white, pink, and gold, as demonstrated in the image above. Livingetc points out that a green or blue headboard would create a fun and bold appearance, but for a classy look, you could choose gray or black. Red would make a space appear cohesive, and yellow would add a touch of vibrancy. As you can probably gather, choosing to pair a velvet headboard with your pink bedding will give you countless color options.

2. Choose a wooden headboard for a warm appearance

Pairing pink bedding with a wooden headboard will emphasize both these materials' warm and inviting connotations. It can also make a space appear refined, per Playwood, because it looks older, especially when going for the solid wood option. Furthermore, wooden furniture provides spaces with warm, welcoming, and cozy feelings and is available in lots of different finishes, making the material very versatile.

Choose a darker wood tone if your bedding is in a darker pink shade, or pair pastel pink bedding with a lighter tone or wood that's been painted white. Playwood recommends matching the headboard's undertone with your bedding. On that note, most pink shades will look great when paired with warmer tones. This bed frame and bedding combination would add coziness to a mostly cool-toned space, as it does in the gray room above.

Practically, a solid wood headboard will last a long time and be easy to clean, per WiseGeek. Those who struggle with allergies may prefer a wooden bed frame, as it won't collect dust or pet hair. However, those who like to sit up in bed while reading or watching TV may need extra pillows to make this headboard feel comfortable.

3. Choose a metal headboard for a contrasting design

To tone down the warm and delicate nature of the color pink, you could choose a metal headboard. This material option has robust connotations, and because of this, it creates a juxtaposed appearance in your space. While your pink bedding will bring a soft and cozy feel, your bed frame will add a more rugged look, which can generate lots of interest in your bedroom's design. Additionally, metal headboards are easy to clean and very durable, per Brass Beds of Virginia.

Further, just like velvet and wood, they come in a number of different finishes and metals, so you can choose the look that best suits your space. For instance, a solid black metal bed frame would bring sophistication into your bedroom, while a distressed metal would provide a rustic appearance. Additionally, you can choose a style that matches your preferred look. For example, for a modern feel, go for one with straight lines and geometric shapes, per Cymax, but if you prefer a more traditional look, opt for a model with decorative accents and less rigid lines. Finally, you could also add more color through your wall paint choice, as demonstrated in the pictured green and pink bedroom.