3 Tips For Making Your Old Carpet Look New Again

Did you know that carpets generally last between 5 and 15 years? According to Eagle Flooring West, a carpet starts to break down around the 10-year mark, and that's when you should start thinking about getting a replacement. Some indications that you need a new carpet include permanent stains, water damage, mold, significant wear and tear, and old padding, via Custom Floor & Design. People may also want to change their carpet to get a more trendy one or to get rid of the allergens it holds.

If your carpet isn't that far gone, and you want to keep it, the proper treatment will bring it back to life. Perhaps it has age on its side, but it hasn't been used a lot. Maybe the stains are superficial, and it doesn't have any other issues. No matter why you want to keep your carpet, these clever tips will refresh it and make it look new.

1. Clean it

Deep cleaning is the first step in making your old carpet look new. First, take care of any stains that the carpet has. Make sure you apply treatment to stains before cleaning so that they lift easily, and use cold water instead of hot, so the carpet doesn't shrink. Then, use a steam cleaner or a carpet cleaning machine, via Woman & Home. The devices are more effective because carpet shampoo removes thick grime and can restore the color and shine of your carpet. This is great for those tough stains like paint, pet stains, and bodily fluids. Oh So Spotless recommends testing out a shampoo on a corner of the carpet before the first use.

After cleaning, improve its appearance by trimming snags and loose fibers, so the carpet doesn't look shabby anymore. You can also improve the smell by deodorizing your carpet after cleaning. Oh So Spotless lists various methods that address different types of smells. If the carpet has pet odors, use an enzyme cleaner; if there is a musty smell of mildew, use vinegar and baking soda. Dried herbs and essential oils are also natural options to freshen the carpet.

2. Get rid of dents

It is very common for an old carpet to have multiple dents from all the furniture pieces placed on it. First, remove all the furniture so you can see the whole carpet to get rid of prints. If you have finished flooring underneath, protect the dented areas with a towel or rag before you treat them. wikiHow has a helpful guide that covers synthetic and natural fiber carpets. For synthetic carpets, place ice cubes on them so that the cold loosens the fibers and they fall back into their original position. For natural fibers, get rid of dents using a steam treatment like a steam iron. A steam cleaner is another way to get rid of the dents, says Carpet Tech.

Since you are making your old carpet look new again, do what you can to prevent the dents when rearranging the furniture. You can place furniture coasters or leftover pieces of carpet under your furniture, move your couches around frequently, or use firm carpet padding, via Carpet and Rug World.

3. Hire a professional cleaning service

If your carpet is old or worn out, consider hiring an expert to clean it. Professional carpet cleaners can step in when home remedies aren't enough or when you can't fix an issue yourself. This is because they are well-trained and know the best ways to revitalize your carpet while preventing damage. For example, if you try to tackle the dents on your carpet and it doesn't bounce back, you should call an expert. They can also solve issues concerning carpet ripples or bubbles, via Carpet Tech.

Professional cleaning services also come in handy when you don't have a carpet cleaning machine or steam cleaner. While they can be bought or rented from a home improvement store, you must know how to use them well and determine which cleaning solutions are the best. Hiring a professional is a great way to make your old carpet look new without hassle!