The Best Way To Make A Statement With Your Decor - Exclusive Survey

A statement piece can transform a dull space into one that appears extra daring. According to The House of Grace, these pieces draw attention -– they're typically the first thing you notice when you enter a room. These items, sometimes called focal points, add lots of unique personality and should reflect the owner of the home well. A bold element could be added to an already-styled room, or it could be chosen first, and the rest of the room's design could be built around it.

There are many different types of statement pieces, including art, lighting, knick-knacks, flooring, and accent walls. To find out which of these items is most favored, House Digest surveyed 627 people. Participants were asked the following question: What's the best way to make a statement with your home décor? The results have been tallied up, and one of the above choices gained over 25% of the vote.

The best type of statement piece

Adding an art piece was chosen by over 25% (162) of the participants in the survey. A statement art piece could be anything from a painting to a sculpture. The Alley Theater says that art helps a room's design look complete, especially if it is framed. Additionally, art can reduce stress, customize a space, and help create a theme. Extra interesting and captivating items can also be great conversation starters for guests. Manhattan Arts adds that art can completely change the appearance of a room –- claustrophobic areas could look roomier, and expansive rooms could look cozier.

But art does more than just transform the appearance of a space -– it also affects the mood in the room. Marli Thibodeau says that art can make a monumental difference in how individuals feel. It could make them feel cozy, welcomed, excited, interested, or satisfied, among many other emotions. They say that if a piece of art is extremely captivating to you, even if you're not sure why, you should add it to your space. Perhaps it's so interesting just because it makes you feel good inside.

How the other options faired

While art took the crown, a lighting fixture was a close second for the best statement piece, receiving about 23% of the vote, chosen by 145 people. Bender Blogs says that unique lighting can actually act as art. Because lighting is both functional and aesthetic, it's able to make a massive difference in a room's design. The appearance of the fixture can carry a style or theme throughout the room while also making the space feel either warmer or cooler, depending on the color of the light bulb.

After light fixtures came fun knick-knacks, which was chosen by 97 participants and received over 15% of the vote. Knick knacks are small decorative items that are typically used only for decorative purposes. They can be displayed on counters, bookcases, side tables, and other surfaces. Rent Cafe says to use pieces that truly make you happy or that are very personal to you. To make a large statement, you could display a collection of knick-knacks.

Next was unique seating, which 14% (89 people) chose. An accent wall gained 13% and was chosen by 82 participants. Finally, bold flooring came in last, with over 8% (52 votes).