How To Decorate Your Bedroom If You're A Cancer

You may consider your favorite colors or the rules of feng shui while decorating your bedroom, but have you considered your astrological sign? Having a safe place to retreat is of utmost importance if you're Cancer. Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancers are ruled by the moon, which in astrology represents personal care and maternal energy. According to Allure, this often manifests in Cancers as a strong sense of domesticity and sensitivity to their surroundings, making it essential for their home to be a haven where they can spend lots of time surrounded by trappings of comfort and safety.

Represented by the crab, Cancers are incredibly perceptive, sentimental, and creative. While they may have a hard exterior, much like their animal counterpart, Cancers are gentle and compassionate softies on the inside. As water signs, they are highly sensitive, intuitive, and emotionally deep. Keeping these traits in mind, you can turn your bedroom into a perfect cozy sanctuary with these astrological-inspired tips tailored to your sensibilities and needs.

Keep your treasures on display

As the sentimental souls that they are, Cancers tend to accumulate lots of keepsakes that they can't bear to part with, according to Cosmopolitan. To embrace these hoarding tendencies in a way that sparks joy in your bedroom, you'll want to display your treasured objects and utilize organizational methods that invite you to enjoy them. Use floating shelves, bookcases, bulletins, picture frames, and side tables to display mementos that you've collected over the years. Keep snapshots of your favorite memories easily accessible in scrapbooks or photo boxes so you can look at them often and reminisce.

If you have more souvenirs and keepsakes than you'd like to exhibit, keep them neatly organized in attractive storage boxes displayed on a shelf or in a chest at the foot of your bed. By decorating your room with your most treasured objects or ensuring they are always close at hand, you will create a peaceful and joyful space that truly feels like it belongs to you.

Use moon and sea motifs

You can increase the Cancer vibes in your bedroom by including objects, images, and motifs that depict the moon, crabs, or the ocean. Try hanging wall art of the moon's phases above your bed to remind you of your ruling planet and set a cozy mood for sleep. You can also channel the moon by incorporating silver objects or hardware into your color scheme. Avoid objects and furniture with sharp angles. Instead, DenGarden suggests that you opt for rounded edges, which mimic the shape of the moon and the form of the pregnant belly it represents. Cancers are the only astrological sign ruled by the moon and, regardless of gender, tend to possess maternal qualities.

Since Cancers are water signs, it can also be beneficial to include allusions to water in your space. This can be achieved with artwork, seashells, sea-inspired scents, or even a sound machine playing the sound of ocean waves.

Get into the caregiving spirit

Cancers love to put their maternal spirits to use while welcoming people into their homes. InStyle describes Cancers as natural-born caregivers due to their strong ties to the moon. Therefore, you may want to designate space in your bedroom for hosting others, whether that means your friends, family, pet, or an extensive collection of plants that you love to tend to. Speaking of plants, use macramé plant hangers, plant stands, and shelves to display them at varying heights around the room for a cozy and aesthetically pleasing result.

To satisfy your joy of hospitality, try including a small seating area for guests in the corner of your room that doubles as a cozy reading nook. Add a comfortable chair or ottoman, a basket of cozy blankets, and an accent table with a stack of artsy coffee table books, which will inspire your creative tendencies.

Make room for creativity

According to StyleCaster, Cancers are the most creative astrological sign. The emotional depth of Cancers makes them extremely expressive artists. Therefore, a Cancer bedroom must be an inspiring place with room to create and experiment artistically. Make sure to have an organized workspace stocked with whatever art and craft supplies speak to you. Decorate your walls with exciting art and photography to keep the inspiration flowing. Try making a gallery wall, or get your favorite piece as a large-scale canvas print to make a statement. Alternatively, hang a few rows of picture ledges and switch out the art that decorates it as your mood strikes — this is an excellent option for Cancers who are known for their intensely shifting emotions!

As the artistic Cancer you are, you should let your creative side run wild while choosing décor and furniture for your pad; feel free to make bold and unique choices. For example, a whimsical hanging chair would do better for you than a classic armchair. Check out local thrift stores and estate sales to find one-of-a-kind pieces for your bedroom.

Keep it cozy

Above all else, the most important quality of a Cancer's bedroom is comfort. This will appease the domestic and maternal energies granted by the moon's influence on this zodiac sign. As a Cancer, your bedroom should be a serene sanctuary perfectly tuned to your tastes. Opt for soft textures and textiles throughout the space, perhaps with a plush rug near the bed or an abundance of throw pillows. A quilt will speak to your domestic side, either used as a bedspread or hung on the wall as art.

Star Furniture recommends making a room feel more comfortable by using ambient lighting instead of the standard overhead lights in your bedroom, which often look harsh instead of cozy. Stock your room with alternative light sources, like chic floor lamps, candles, funky table lamps, and twinkly lights. To complete the calm atmosphere, keep floor cushions and extra blankets in your room for lounging and entertaining guests.