Why Keeping A Rocking Chair In Your Home Is Considered Unlucky

While there isn't much information on the origin of this superstition besides being spread by the Irish and those living in southern U.S. states, we can provide more insight into superstitions as a whole. According to the University of Oregon, a superstition is a belief that's derived from personal scientific, religious, or philosophical knowledge. For example, the notion of the number 13 being unlucky revolves around the Last Supper, in which Judas Iscariot (the man who betrayed Jesus Christ) was the 13th member at the event, per Google Arts & Culture

These beliefs are often considered irrational because they typically aren't backed by unbiased scientific research. Yet, they continue to be spread around communities to this day. And some of them seem even more irrational than others — like believing that having a rocking chair in your home is unlucky. While many entities, like the American Psychology Association, suggest that superstitions are harmless and don't pose a real danger to anyone, the true danger lies where people are unable to separate fact from fiction, and the superstition becomes a roadblock in daily life. 

While a rocking chair may be a great piece of furniture to provide that finishing touch to your nursery, living room, or porch, they're considered quite superstitious. Before you donate your rocking chair to the thrift store, let's take a look at why some people consider it an unlucky item to have in your house.

They invite evil spirits into your home

Many things in life are considered unlucky. For example, painting your room green, breaking a mirror, and opening an umbrella indoors, but did you know that having a rocking chair in your home is also considered bad luck? According to Irish legend, an empty rocking chair can invite evil spirits into your home (via Rockridge Furniture & Design). This legend even goes as far as to suggest that if your rocking chair rocks on its own, a malevolent spirit has already taken residency in your house.

However, the Irish aren't the only ones with a rocking chair superstition. Southern states and counties, like Liberty County, suggest that rocking an empty rocking chair can also encourage evil spirits to enter your home. And as if evil spirits weren't enough to frighten you, a rocking chair that's left rocking on its own can also welcome death to stop by for a visit.

How can you avoid welcoming dark forces into your life? Realtor suggests simply putting a door stopper or stone underneath the chair to prevent it from rocking accidentally, or just ignore it if you're not the superstitious type. The other available choice is to get rid of it altogether if you believe in superstitions and want to prevent your home from turning into the house from the movie "Poltergeist."