Are Curio Cabinets Going Out Of Style?

Like all things, home decor trends come and go. The trends you remember in your childhood home aren't the same popular design trends today. Some are known to come back in style, while others stick with the era they were popular in. For example, having a classic curio cabinet was admired once upon a time for holding your fine china and shiniest dishware, but time has evolved and so have home decor trends

According to Raleigh Realty Homes, curio cabinets are outdated and old-fashioned. These tall freestanding cabinets with glass display case shelving are usually old looking and take up massive space. They aren't very modern or aesthetically pleasing because of their traditional style. This is a home furniture trend of the past, so if you're one to keep up with home decor trends, this is one trend you definitely shouldn't follow. Out with the old and in with the new. 

Let bygones be bygones

The vintage look that curio cabinets add to a home was once something to be admired, but it's not a design piece you see a lot in homes or in the interior design world today. According to Upgraded Home, curio cabinets have basically become extinct as people use dining rooms less and less. If your curio cabinet is just taking up space in your home, but you don't actually need it or use it for anything, this is your sign to get rid of it and invest in something more modern that takes up minimal space. 

Keeping outdated furniture for too long can make a room look and feel old and tired, according to Decor Designs Inc. You'll be surprised how getting rid of your curio cabinet will transform and uplift the look and vibe of the space. These days people want intentional and minimal furniture and decor with open space. If you're looking for updated and modern furniture storage, The Amish Home recommends a tall wine tower because it's narrow and won't take up a lot of space, while Upgraded Home suggests going for a small corner table that is modern and contemporary. Either choice is a great alternative. 

Do what works for you

Just because curio cabinets aren't in style doesn't mean it's not for you. If you love it, keep it. For instance, if your curio cabinet is a family heirloom, it's not worth getting rid of, especially if you can pass it on to your child or another family member when the time comes. You can design your curio cabinet to serve the same purpose as modern furniture if you pair it well with your decor. Use its features like size, storage space, and antique look to your benefit.

Which room does it look best in? What items does it have? How can you use it for extra storage? Home Gallery Stores recommends collectibles, artwork, books, flowers, and framed photos for a more modern look. Everything doesn't have to completely match the decor or furniture, but it should make sense and go well together. You want your curio cabinet to add to the room, provide storage, and spruce up the decor in the process.