The Color Scheme No Demo Reno Says No Longer Works In A Bathroom

On HGTV's "No Demo Reno," Jennifer Todryk transforms homes without having to knock down walls or add additions. This renovation show requires no demolition and, instead, focuses on cosmetic upgrades to give clients' spaces a new function and aesthetic.

According to Watters Plumbing, cosmetic bathroom upgrades can mean a new coat of paint on the walls or ceiling, new hardware on cabinet doors, or new fixtures like a showerhead or sink faucet. There are also intermediate upgrades that require a little more work but won't require you to gut the whole bathroom. These upgrades can include a new vanity, new flooring, or new tile.

On one episode of "No Demo Reno," Todryk plans to update a client's bathroom that looks far too dated because of one color used over and over throughout the room. While this one color was once popular, it simply no longer achieves the modern look that many homeowners are striving for.

Brown tones are too dark

According to Jennifer Todryk, the color brown makes a bathroom look too dark, reports Realtor. Brown was a popular color for homes in the early 2000s and 2010s. Brown tiles were popular in kitchens and bathrooms, and these rooms were often covered in brown tones from the floor to cabinets to countertops. However, the color has lost favor with homeowners as other neutrals like white and gray became more popular.

That doesn't mean you have to get rid of everything brown in your; ratherather, it's the overabundance of brown in a space that seems to make it look outdated. But brown accents can add warmth to a room if you know how to do it right. Make browns look more modern by using them to accent white, says The Everygirl. That accent could be brown leather chairs, brown wood furniture, or brown suede pillows. Surrounded by white, brown can add a richness that doesn't look dated.

Opt for lighter shades

For her client's bathroom, Jennifer Todryk removed everything brown and replaced those features with ones that were lighter and brighter. With white cabinets and white and gray tiles, the space feels much more contemporary. She further updated the space with greige paint, a greenish-gray that adds depth to the space. Sage greens and coastal blues are two popular trends for bathrooms in 2022, according to The Coastal Oak. These shades add a soothing element that can create a spa-like retreat and allow you to relax. They also pair well with shades of cream, ivory, and white, which are neutrals that many people are using throughout their homes.

Other popular color trends that have been popping up are earth tones. These shades add a warmer look to the space. And trending terracotta can easily take the place of brown as a warm neutral in interior design. Or, if you're keeping warm brown features in the bathroom like floors or vanities, earthy greens, reds, and yellows pair well with modern wood tones.