3 Rugs To Pair With A Gray Couch

Gray is a color that is right on trend. Whether it's walls, bedding, soft furnishings, or large pieces of furniture, the hue is modern, popular, and easy to incorporate into your home. However, if used wrongly, it can be quite a depressing color. Indeed, Guardian says that gray is the dullest hue in the color scheme, so if you have a gray sofa, what rugs should be paired with it to keep things light and fresh and as far away from drab as possible?

The seating area in your lounge is the focal point of the room, and as such, you want it to be welcoming and inviting, so what rug should you put your gray sofa on? According to F&P Interiors, some colors that match well with gray are mustard, green, and pink. But there are so many shades and tones to choose from that even with it narrowed down, the choice can still feel overwhelming.

1. Mustard

Sometimes referred to as ochre, this color is one of the most popular choices to pair with gray, according to The Furniture Market. The warmth in these yellow tones balances out the coolness of the gray, and Home Decor Bliss explains that the yellow lifts the coolness of the gray. With this in mind, a rug of this color would be a beautiful match for a gray couch.

Fortunately, you have many great options to choose from. First, there is plain mustard, which would look great if your gray sofa was textured or had lots of cushioning. Alternatively, if your sofa is very plain, you might prefer a patterned rug that gives your room a bit more personality. A mirage rug in ochre and gray has a delicate wave and would give your seating area a boost. Throw in some mustard-colored cushions and blankets, and the look will effortlessly pull together.

2. Green

Whether your sofa is a dark charcoal gray, or a more muted, pale shade, you will always find a tone of green that complements it perfectly, as Woman & Home notes. From fresh grass green to jewel-like emerald, the shade and tone you choose will affect the overall look of your seating area. Depending on how the rest of your lounge space is styled, you will want to pick the right tone of green to fit not just with the sofa but also with the rest of your room.

A jewel-hued shaggy square rug would look perfect and inviting if you have a dark gray sofa. The rich tones of the emerald green will lift away any perceived drabness of the gray and make the whole area feel cozy and welcoming. However, if your couch is more of a pale gray, then something like a pale green rug with a geometric ivory pattern could add some character to the softness of the area.

3. Pink

Whether dusky pink or raspberry pink, every shade of this soft color fits well with gray, so you could use this as an opportunity to get some personality into your room. If you are a creative person, or you feel like you have a bit of flair when it comes to decorating your space, you might feel a gray sofa lacks appeal. But what's great about a gray couch is that it's a neutral canvas that can be added to, creating a multitude of different aesthetics.

If you feel like raspberry pink is your thing, then a deeper pink-colored rug is for you. Not for the fainthearted, it screams individuality and will make your seating area stand out loud and proud with your gray sofa in pride of place. If you prefer something chicer and muted, then a shade of pink that is more blush might be what you are looking for, as Art In Context notes. For example, a soft pink and fluffy rug will certainly add to the cozy sumptuousness of your seating area.