5 Reasons You Should Consider Matte Black Appliances For Your Home

Your kitchen appliances see a lot of wear and tear throughout their lifespan, but they are vital for everyone in the house. Everything from the refrigerator to the stove is probably used multiple times a day, and this can lead to scratches, stains, or discoloration after repetitive contact. While stainless steel is a great option for these essential appliances, matte black finishing can withstand the test of time and keep everything looking as good as the day you installed it.

Whether you are renovating or building a new home, using matte black appliances should be on your list of considerations. There are a number of benefits to this finish, and you'll be happy with it as the years pass. Not only is it a timeless option, but it can transform your home into a sleek and stylish space. According to Pioneer Industries, this matte black can pair well with any interior design, including traditional or modern themes. If you're still on the fence, the following reasons to use matte black in your abode might just make the decision even easier.

1. They add warmth

Black might not always be the first color to come to mind when you think of warmth, but matte black appliances can actually add a great deal of it to any room. Stainless steel can look clean and efficient in any space, but it can also create a cold atmosphere that feels too uniform in certain designs. Farmhouse and traditional homes can verge on utilitarian without a softer color to offset the fixtures and décor. Using matte black to contrast with tile or metals will make the whole area seem more approachable.

One example of this is in your kitchen, where metals and ceramics can be very prevalent. If they are mixed with stainless steel, the room might give off a serious air that some find uncomfortable. Your cooking space should be inviting and friendly, and a matte black refrigerator or stove top will add these emotional touches. Demlang Builders also notes that because this color goes with everything, it can match all the different elements and textures in a room in a subtle, understated way that is aesthetically pleasing. Pulling it throughout a space with several pieces in this finish will transform the area into a coveted one where people like to spend time and hang out.

2. They disguise wear and tear

You might feel like the task of cleaning your appliances is endless, with scratches or smudges appearing every day. Constantly wiping these units down can be time-consuming and exhausting, but it is necessary for metal and steel materials in order to keep them from looking grungy. One of the major perks of installing matte black appliances is its ability to hide dirt, stains, smudges, and everything in between, better than stainless steel or glass. According to Bray & Scarff, this finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it, which means problems like fingerprints become almost non-existent.

You won't notice or see them as easily with matte black appliances because the color is so thick and non-glossy that most marks disappear. Cleaning time will decrease, but your space will still look tidy and appealing to anyone who visits. Rather than constantly wiping off handles, sinks, stovetops, and even washing machines, you can take several days or even a week in between this chore without feeling like everything looks messy or dirty.

3. They can produce a calming element

Because matte black can feel less harsh and more approachable than standard black fixtures and appliances, the emotions and vibes it creates in people are a blend of calm and comfort. These softer pieces can make an area feel less intrusive and create a safe space that makes people feel welcome. Regardless of if your home is more of a traditional design or leans toward a modern interior, matte black appliances can easily add texture and depth without appearing intrusive or overbearing.

When it comes to choosing the finish for your fixtures, you want to be sure they can match well with your décor scheme but that they also instill a sense of well-being in the home. According to Warners' Stellian, the richness of a matte black finish is what makes it so special and allows you to transform a room into a lavish atmosphere.

4. They can mix with other finishes

Just because some of your appliances are matte black doesn't mean you have to refrain from using other materials and finishes. One of the best parts about using this option throughout your home is the fact it can coexist with everything from stainless steel to wood and glass. By mixing these elements, you are creating depth and texture within a room that will make it more engaging and interactive. Jane At Home recommends choosing one finish to be dominant, then incorporating other metals and varnishes to use as accents for it.

If matte black is going to be featured more heavily than other materials, choose accents based on existing décor or interior design concepts you plan to use. For example, a farmhouse-style kitchen can look good with stainless steel as long as it isn't overdone. Use matte black for bigger appliances, then add steel touches to provide a glossy element to the space. You can also look for units that feature both finishes to pull them through naturally.

5. They add a dramatic flair

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Or have you been craving a bold change that lets your unique side feel seen? Whether you want to try something new or simply love intense home designs, matte black can fulfill your desires. While it can be a subtle choice when paired with other textures, patterns, and materials, it can also be a statement. Opting for large appliances to feature this finish will make them a focal point within your space, drawing people into the iconic aesthetic. If you want to go even bigger and louder, why not try an all-black or dark accented décor that becomes a bigger theme and mood?

Installing matte black appliances and pairing them with small brass accents can produce a jaw-dropping interior design scheme that many will want to copy. Black cabinets and surfaces will provide texture against the soft finish, giving your room depth and dimension. According to Café, appliances that boast matte black coloring let you create drama and awe within your kitchen or any other area where these units reside. They are both bold and approachable, which is why this finish is so versatile and coveted by designers and homeowners.