The Best Dupe For The Anthropologie Floor Mirror On The Market

One of our all-time favorite stores for fashion and home decor items is Anthropologie. It definitely brings that romantic aesthetic, not only seen with the fashion brands carried at the retailer but also in home design. Anthropologie's buyer-at-large Keith Johnson tells Oprah, "I think Anthropologie is such a touch-of-the-hand experience. We really love to be an experiential place. You can go there, really enjoy yourself, not buy a thing and come out with an idea or emotion or inspiration." We love this because, as any Anthro enthusiast knows, the brand can be pricey.

We can't get enough of their Gleaming Primrose Mirror, an elegant Baroque-style frame with exquisite details that comes in several hues, including gilded gold, silver, antique black, and verdegris. The mirror is incredibly versatile and can be hung on the wall, placed on a dresser, or situated in a convenient area on the floor. There is a downside, however. Depending on the size, it can run between $548 and $1,598.

On the positive side, as ENews notes, there's most likely a dupe out there. While the outlet shows off several in the home space, including candles, vases, and glassware, the Primrose Mirror entices us. If you want to get the look of these popular Anthropologie mirrors, there's some hope after all. Keep scrolling to see several dupes we love and find out how you can get the Anthro look for less.

We love this find at Kirkland's Home

The luxurious Gold Ornate Scroll Bordeaux Wood Mirror at Kirkland's Home is so good! It looks so much like Anthropologie's Gleaming Primrose Mirror that we had to do a double take. What we love is that it's a floor mirror, but it can be hung as well. It has a stunning arch shape and measures 25.5 inches in length and 68 inches in height.

While there isn't a variety in color, you can go for the rich hue in antique gold. It appears that it could be made of handcrafted resin, iron, and engineered hardwood, like Anthropologie's famous primrose mirror, but in reality, it's made of wood, which makes it lighter — and which we think is actually a bonus. The mirror weighs in at 39.2 pounds, and it would be easier to move it around your room to find the ultimate lighting for all of your selfies.

The priciest dupe goes to...

The Amelie Floor Mirror in Gold from high-end brand Arhaus is absolutely gorgeous, coming in at just over $1,000, whereas the 7-foot Anthropologie style comes in at just over $1500. This particular mirror is inspired by French design, of course, and has all of the ornate detailing we love. Instead of being made of wood, this mirror's frame is made of durable materials, including iron and resin, similar to Anthro's design.

But because of this, it's also heavier, weighing in at over 70 pounds, so you may need professional help to move it. It's large and measures 41 inches in length and a whopping 74.5 inches in height, so you're getting a massive mirror; great for checking out your outfits, if we do say so ourselves. As for texture and feel, the company notes that it is distressing so that it feels like an antique, which we love. Unlike the original, it only comes in gold, but it does give off a metallic finish, which is excellent!

Our absolute favorite Anthropologie mirror dupe

One of our favorite little design secrets has to be shopping in the teen section at Pottery Barn! Not only are furniture and décor items generally cheaper, but you'd be surprised just how stylish the furniture is, so take us up on this little savvy secret. We found our favorite Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror dupe here: The Ornate Filigree Mirrors are perfect replicas for the pricey mirrors.

A hanging wall option is smaller at 24.75 inches by 32.75 inches for $299, but we suggest going for the floor-length mirror for the ultimate look. This one measures 24 inches by 60 inches and comes in at $499. Right on budget! Plus, there's a variety of other merchandise to pick up if you're looking to emulate the glam look that would work for a living room, bedroom, or office, from chandeliers to faux fur chair covers.