Are The Least Expensive Ottomans At Target Worth Buying?

How many times do you have to ask people to take their feet off the coffee table in your house? Buying an ottoman could solve the problem and make everyone happy. Unfortunately, like everything else these days, the rising price of furniture has been impacted by factors such as the pandemic and supply chain shortages, per Circle Furniture. So while you may have emptied your savings account to buy the larger pieces of furniture in your house, you don't want to do that just for a footrest. 

Here's some good news about ottomans that may make you consider purchasing one ... or two. Ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy, according to the Charlotte Observer. Yes, your feet will find a landing place on an ottoman, but you can use them as an extra seat when friends come over. In some styles, the top of the ottoman lifts off or is hinged to give you extra storage space, and who doesn't need more storage? So it comes back to the cost. Can you buy an ottoman on a budget? We're going to look at the least expensive ottomans at Target and give you our thoughts on whether these models are worth it.

Room Essentials Storage Ottoman

You can find a lot of furniture deals at Target, per USA Today, and you'll have a pleasant surprise when you look for their least expensive ottomans. One of the best-priced ottomans is from Target's own brand, Room Essentials. This model is a 15-inch cube with an upholstered top that lifts off so you can quickly store your pile of papers before friends come over. It's offered in four colors: black, light gray, forest green, and lavender. The black and the gray are listed for $22 each, while the green and the lavender are $35 each. 

The details on the Target website say this ottoman can hold up to 200 pounds, but a Target staff comment on the website does not recommend standing on this as a step stool. Target support staff also noted online that the underside of the lid does not serve as a tray. There are 48 reviewers on the Target website who gave this ottoman an overall 4.7 rating out of 5 stars, with 79% rating it 5-star who described it as comfortable, sturdy, and practical. According to the manufacturer's information, the frame is a combination of hardwood and plywood, and the polyester fabric can be spot cleaned. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. Overall a pretty good option for the price.

Stitched or Buttoned Folding Storage Ottoman

While it's nice to be able to tuck a small ottoman under a table or in a corner when it's not in use, it's even better to have the option to fold it up and pack it away. Mellow's 15-inch cube adds that extra bit of functionality to their faux leather ottomans. Target sells the stitched top version in black and chocolate brown for $28.99 and the button top version in the same two color choices for $29.99. Both come with a 1-year limited warranty.

The question is whether you're trading the sturdiness factor when you choose a model that can fold up. There is no seating weight limit mentioned on the Target website, and only one 1-star reviewer who said this is more like a fabric-covered storage container with a lid, as there are no legs and no board across the bottom. The manufacturer's description says it's made with medium-density fiberboard for stability. While the faux leather has a nice appearance, the reviewer mentioned that the stitching was crooked. Is this ottoman worth almost $30? Probably not when you consider that there are several ottomans at Target priced under $50 with 4- and 5-star reviews.

Foldable Storage Cube Ottoman with Pockets

Lavish Home also offers a foldable ottoman, and they've added outside pockets which is a great place to keep track of the remote or store a magazine. Their tufted storage cube is available in black or brown and sells for $30.99. Although it says it's tufted, several reviewers noted that the lids they received were completely smooth and without buttons, which seemed to be confirmed by the responses from Target support staff. Like the model made by Mellow, the Lavish Home ottoman is also made from faux leather vinyl and medium-density fiberboard. However, the Target website notes that it can hold up to 330 pounds as a seating capacity. This foldable ottoman is also offered in a heathered-grey polyester fabric that sells for $39.99. 

Overall, 11 reviewers gave this product 3.9 stars out of 5, although there are only seven actual reviews shown on the Target website. Most of the lower star ratings addressed the fact that they didn't receive an ottoman with a tufted lid, as described on the website. Three out of the four 5-star reviews did mention that they felt it was a sturdy product. The mixed comments on this product make it a bit more difficult to tell, but if you're looking for a foldable ottoman, it may be worth trying this one to determine if it meets your sturdiness requirements. There is only a 30-day limited warranty from the manufacturer.