3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Vacuum Cleaner

Purchasing a used vacuum cleaner might not seem like a big deal, given the fact people purchase second-hand items all the time; however, vacuum cleaners are an important part of improving and maintaining your health. They rid your home of dangerous allergens, which results in better sleep, mental health, and hair, skin, and eyes, according to Vacuums360. A good vacuum cleaner should last you about eight years, depending on the brand and quality, states Consumer Reports. If you aren't taking the time to shop around for your user vacuum you might end up with a low-quality model that only lasts you one or two years.

On the other hand, purchasing a secondhand vacuum cleaner can be an excellent decision — why pay full price for a new one when you can get the same quality for cheaper? If you do your research, it is possible to find a high-quality vacuum cleaner and save yourself some cash. Let's take a look at the things you need to consider before purchasing a used vacuum.

Price comparison

If you're shopping for a used vacuum, you're probably doing so to save money. This means you need to make some comparisons between the seller's price and the original price of the vacuum to make sure you aren't getting ripped off. When you find a used vacuum you like, make sure you do some research to see if you're actually getting a good deal. If the seller is trying to scam you, it's a good thing to know before you hand them the cash.

When you're looking at used vacuums, don't immediately jump at the cheapest offer you see. Sure, you want to save money by purchasing a used vacuum, but according to Today, vacuum cleaners aren't something you should buy on a whim. They do more than pick up cat hair and crumbs; vacuums boost the air quality in your home. Take a look at some of the well-respected brands (within your budget, of course,) which are typically better quality.

How old is the vacuum?

If you find a used vacuum from a well-known brand at a reasonable price; your first move might be to jump at the opportunity, but what about the age of that vacuum? Remember, it is absolutely okay to ask the seller for an inspection before you decide to make a purchase. Used or not, you're still spending money on a product you expect to work correctly. If the components have a lot of wear and tear, the vacuum is probably old.

Another way to test if the age of a vacuum is by simply turning it on. Does it smell like something's burning? is the vacuum excessively loud? These are indicators that there is a motor issue, Remnant King Carpets says. It is better to invest in a new vacuum cleaner than waste money on one that will probably not last very long, Fotolog suggests.

How well does it function?

Turning on the used vacuum cleaner will not only give you an indication of its age, but also its functionality. You can check the suction level of the vacuum just by using your hand, but if you want a more thorough test, try it out on the floor and see if the vacuum picks up any debris. Before you meet with the seller, you might want to test out a friend or neighbor's vacuum first to get a feel for what a good vacuum should feel like. 

Take the vacuum for a spin around your living room to see how it functions, and make sure all the accessories are in good order. It should be running smoothly without any unusual smells or weird noises — the two telltale signs of an expired vacuum, GharPedia explains. If you notice the vacuum starts smoking, that vacuum should be laid to rest, and you should continue your search.