Is Rose Gold Home Decor Going Out Of Style?

Rose gold is a soft style that has progressively become popular among the younger and older generations. Canva describes this hue as a gentle shade of pink mixed with a hint of gold. According to Laura Preshong, this color was first discovered in Russia in the early 19th century by a famous jeweler. Later in the 1920s, it became popular for elegant jewelry pieces such as engagement rings. Fast forward a century later, and you can find this color in everything, including home décor.

It's almost impossible to go to the store or shop online without seeing this shade. While many opt to purchase subtle items in this hue, such as alarm clocks or pillows, you can also buy them in everyday used items like kitchen utensils. No matter what you choose, it's a color that is loved by many. However, like any trend, is rose gold home décor going out of style?

Here to stay or burn out?

In order to answer this question, we must first look at why this color is so well-liked. As The Bench points out, rose gold is the medium point between something old and something new. It's a different and unique option compared to classic yellow gold and modern white gold. The word "rose" also gives the shade a romantic feel that many retail companies have used to their advantage. These corporations also tend to use words such as "blush" and "pink" in their descriptions to capture the attention of consumers and increase sales of rose gold items.

With that being said, this colorful trend might still be very much alive. The reason? The hashtag "#rose gold" has been searched over 7.6 million times on Instagram and is constantly growing on other social media platforms such as Pinterest. Since younger generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z, mostly use these apps, it's safe to say that this hue can still be adopted for any design, including home décor.

How to incorporate it into your home

So now that we know it's okay to use, how is one supposed to coordinate rose gold into their home décor? Of course, like any other design, there are many ways to do this, but you should proceed cautiously so it doesn't clash with other aesthetics. Room Dsign suggests incorporating smaller pieces is the best way to throw in this color. Décors such as the edge of a mirror in the bedroom or a lampstand in the living room are the perfect way to add this shade without overkilling it.

However, some people prefer to go big or go home. If this is your motto, consider adding this rose gold to your walls. Obviously, you can paint the wall completely in it; however, you may also want to consider wallpapering. This way, you can add a touch of vibrancy to the room in a big way and create a unique design at the same time. It also may be a good idea to add other neutral shades with this hue as well. For example, a bright white color can help even out the glamorous tone rose gold naturally has, so you can also incorporate it into calmer settings like the bedroom.