25 Yellow Bedroom Designs That Will Instantly Cheer You Up

It's almost impossible to feel down when you're surrounded by yellow, as noted by CNN. After all, it's the color of sunshine, so it embodies warmth, cheerfulness, and joy. If you're looking to bring some of that happiness into your bedroom, there are so many different shades and options to consider; you're bound to find one that fits your aesthetic. It can be used attractively with any decorating trend, whether you lean towards farmhouse style or embrace a mid-century modern look.

From light pastels to bright yellows to more complex goldenrods, you can incorporate them into bedding, area rugs, and paint. Yellow is also a terrific accent color that works well with so many others, like gray, black, white, or all three! Whether your bedroom needs a small refresh with some new decor, or you want to overhaul the whole vibe, we have rounded up 25 yellow bedroom designs that will instantly cheer you up.

1. Bright and modern

If you want your bedroom to energize you from the moment you walk in the door, you can choose an accent wall like this one. Keep the rest of your décor crisp, simple, and modern for the most dramatic effect.

2. Creamy yellow walls

This soothing bedroom features yellow walls in a soft, creamy tone. Natural light streaming through the window bounces off the yellow and bathes the room in warmth. Green and white serve as accent colors to complete the room's modern vibe.

3. Starburst color palette

By painting the walls a soothing light yellow, the rest of the room can use a color palette that resembles a bag of Starburst candy for an overall cheerful, energizing feel. Various shades of orange pair perfectly with the yellow.

4. Modern layering

With walls the color of rich butterscotch, this bedroom utilizes modern layering to create depth and interest. The focus is on geometric shapes and crisp, straight lines of dark trim. It allows for simple furnishings that fit perfectly into the aesthetic.

5. Cozy cottage

How could you be anything but happy in this cozy cottage bedroom, with its rough-hewn beams and plaster walls the color of melted butter? It's the perfect spot to curl up in bed with a good book and a warm drink, and feel all your stress fade away.

6. Boho paradise

This bedroom features a plethora of potted plants and relaxed textures to create the ultimate boho vibe. Warm yellow walls serve as the backdrop for an easygoing ambience, while hanging lamps give a carefree feel. The layered bedding keeps it welcoming and cozy by not being too picture-perfect.

7. Sumptuous and relaxing

Jacquard style wallpaper in a rich, goldenrod yellow gives this bedroom drama in both texture and color. It looks sumptuous, but still an incredibly soothing place to retreat each night.

8. Bountiful built-ins

Extra storage is a plus in any room, and this bedroom design expertly added lots of built-ins behind the bed. Painted in a bright, lemon yellow shade, it's a feature that's both practical and cheerful.

9. Earth tones

Light yellow on the walls pairs well with brown accents in this bedroom to create an earth tone color palette that evokes feelings of peace and relaxation.

10. Classic simplicity

If you prefer simple, elegant designs, this bedroom is for you. It's free of frills, and uses a pleasing color palette of white, beige, and banana yellow. You can recreate this aesthetic by focusing on symmetry in your room, and choosing matching nightstands, curtains, and lamps for a cohesive look.

11. Yellow and gray

Accents in dark gray and white pop against the rich, golden-yellow walls in this bedroom. The vibe is cheerful while still being sophisticated.

12. Vintage vibes

If vintage is your name, this bedroom is your game. With wallpaper that evokes a '70s feel and a color palette of yellow, gold, and white, this room is a happy throwback.

13. Painted paneling

Sometimes the easiest, cheapest way to update a room is a coat of paint. Here, paneling behind the bed is refreshed with a coat of cheerful yellow paint that brightens the whole room.

14. Revamped minimalism

When you think of minimalism, you might think everything has to be plain white or black. This room proves that an accent wall in a lovely, buttery yellow actually makes the modern design elements pop.

15. Pastel play

Pastels aren't just for springtime. Here, a light yellow wall provides a cheerful backdrop for a room that's accented with other pastel shades like soft pinks and delicate blues.

16. Plain and simple

If you want a room that feels happy but is free of frills, take a page from this design. The painted yellow wall provides the main "pop" in the room, while everything else is kept plain and simple.

17. Natural light

This room takes full advantage of the natural light pouring through large windows. By painting the back wall a honey yellow, the light bounces off of it and bathes the room in bright, cozy warmth.

18. Wall of mirrors

Got a large wall but don't know how to decorate it? Follow the cues here and hang a mix of geometrically-shaped mirrors to create interest. Using a unique wall color (like this muted yellow) completes the look.

19. Floating shelves

When storage space is limited, floating shelves can come to the rescue. In this boho room, they provide display areas for books and knick-knacks. Bright yellow walls and furniture complete the cheerful vibe.

20. Classic romance

If you want your bedroom to have a touch of romance, follow this design. Paint the walls a soft yellow and choose furniture that's timeless, like the vintage bed frame, and pair with dreamy sheer curtains.

21. Accent stripes

If you think accents are limited to solid colors, think again. This room uses black and white stripes on a punchy bedspread to pop against a golden yellow wall. The rest of the room is kept simple, with just a touch of greenery and a glass bedside table.

22. Yellow boho

This room proves that you can have tons of yellow without losing your boho vibe. Accent colors of gray, white, and black help break up the room, while a macrame wall hanging adds textural interest.

23. Sunshine themed

How can a room be anything but cheerful when its whole theme is sunshine? With light yellow walls, crisp white textiles, and a sunshine motif, this farmhouse-style bedroom is happy from wall-to-wall.

24. Chic black and yellow

This bedroom utilizes a black and yellow color palette in muted tones. Wooden paneling behind the bed adds unique texture to the room and completes its simple but chic design.

25. Coordinating colors

When a color combination works well together, you can carry it throughout a whole room without it looking overdone. In this bedroom, the perfectly paired yellow and gray are accented by bright white. Natural light plus a beautiful view makes this room a total win.