The Most Important Feng Shui Rule For Your Bedroom

Experts have always emphasized the importance of a good night's sleep. Quality sleep is linked to better overall health and wellness. But you can't get a good sleep in just any room; you need to create an environment that supports it, and that often starts in the bedroom. The ancient Chinese art of feng shui has a solution that should help make your nighttimes more restful.

The goal of feng shui is to make a space feel more balanced and harmonious, says National Geographic. The practice achieves this by building homes and then arranging interior furniture and objects in a specific way. Feng shui practitioners believe everything has chi, and chi is made up of both yin and yang energies. To create a harmonious space, you have to balance yin and yang, allowing for positive chi in your life, while also keeping away negative chi.

After you've gone through the work of incorporating elements of feng shui into your space, the last thing you want to do is accidentally add something that cancels out the harmonious vibe you created.

Move out the TV

According to feng shui, bedrooms should be rejuvenating spaces that help restore your energy. They are primarily associated with restful yin energy and should be quiet, retreat-like rooms, says Love to Know. That's why feng shui experts and teachings say to get rid of the television in your room. Many people enjoy watching an episode or two before bed or relaxing with a movie, but a television can actually disrupt the chi in the room. Even when televisions are off, they create a reflective surface that can cause positive chi to bounce around and exit through a door or window. The lack of positive chi can then cause less restful sleep.

Getting rid of your television for more positive chi isn't the only reason you should consider ridding screens from the bedroom. It's been scientifically proven that screen time before bed leads to disruptive sleep cycles. And, if you're going to sleep with a partner, getting rid of the television in your bedroom can lead to more conversations, better sex, and falling asleep together, which can all benefit the relationship, Becoming Minimalist reports.

Love to Know adds that, according to feng shui principles, a television invites a third party into the room and may encourage infidelity. Removing the television in your bedroom won't only positively impact your chi, but also many other areas of your life.