How To Remove Candle Wax From Its Container And Reuse The Jar

Do you love burning candles, but are left with a ton of jars with a tiny layer of wax at the bottom? Luckily for you, there is an easy way to remove that wax and reuse the jar, which happens to not require any special supplies. You can even turn the leftover candle into wax melts to use every last bit.

It is important to remember to be safe when removing candle wax. Putting it in the microwave may sound like a quick way to get rid of that wax, but the bottom of a candle wick usually has a metal circle glued to the jar, according to Life-n-Reflection. If you put this in the microwave, it could spark and cause a fire. Another precaution is not to pour any hot wax down the drain, or it will create a clog when it cools and hardens. If the glass of your container is thin, you should also be careful not to shock it with extreme temperatures, or it can crack. Following these safety measures, you can clean the wax from your candle jar and repurpose it any way you like.

Remove the wax

The boiling water method is one of the simplest ways to remove wax from a candle jar. The first step is heating water until it is boiling in a pot on the stove, a kettle, or the microwave. Malibu Apothecary recommends laying paper towels or cloth on your table before placing your candle down so any spills won't cause heat damage. Once you pour the hot water into the jar, you will see the wax melting and rising to the top of the container in little bubbles.

After everything has cooled down, the wax should sit on top of the water in a hardened puck. You can remove it by breaking it in half to make it easier. Then pour out the water. All that's left is to remove the wick. You can use a knife to pry it off the bottom of the jar. If you want to remove any labels, you can put them in hot soapy water to soak them off.

Reuse the jar

You can repurpose empty candle jars in many different ways. Let your creativity take you anywhere when deciding how to reuse these containers. The jars can be used as a vase for flowers or a pot for plants if it is large enough. Osmology suggests using amber-colored glass jars if you plan on potting a plant with soil, so the dirt doesn't show through. Another way to incorporate plants is to propagate cuttings in water with a clear glass container so you can watch the roots grow.

Candle jars can also become storage containers; this works best if they come with a lid. Then you can use them to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, bobby pins, hair ties, or any other item you need to organize. You can turn jars without lids into pencil holders or make-up brush holders. What you decide to use the container for all depends on its size and shape.