5 Simple Ways To Incorporate Steampunk Style Into Your Bedroom

If you've ever wondered about incorporating steampunk into your interior design, but weren't sure how to include the elements of this theme, your answers are here. This genre has slowly grown in popularity since the eighties, with more and more people using ideas and components in their homes and decor schemes. While it used to be mainly relegated to cosplay, steampunk is more of a movement and lifestyle, with people seeking out industrial Victorian designs to amp up their rooms and interiors.

This particular theme is a mixture of elegance and raw, edgy designs that use machinery, antiques, and exposed elements to make up the motif. Everything from cogs and wheels to steamer trunks represents aspects of the steampunk ideals, which rely heavily on the idea that sophistication and grandeur can coexist with harder, more industrial details. According to Interiors Online, you can easily create this theme with second-hand furniture, vintage lamps and lanterns, and mixed metals. Along with these items, the following suggestions will help you transform a bedroom from a sleeping space to an engaging getaway that feels like an adventure every time you step inside.

Add antique maps to wall decor

There is nothing more adventurous and encompassing than old world maps. Throwing an antique version up on your wall in a visible space or even as a backdrop behind the bed will create an otherworldly vibe that is reminiscent of a Victorian study or a pirate ship destined for far-off lands. The coloring of the paper, the vintage appearance, and the hint at travel are all key components of the steampunk style, and you can find older maps at antique shops or faux versions online.

You want to aim at finding a map that looks genuinely old and slightly weathered. The more authentic the map, the more believable the design scheme. If you don't have much wall space, you can also try and find lamps or throw pillows that feature an old world chart. These will still create the presence of travel, exploration, and history, which are all important elements of steampunk. While any variation of these hangings will do, Steampunkary recommends searching or sourcing Victorian-era maps, which will add to the authenticity of the decor.

Don't hide raw designs

Exposed brick is a staple of many industrial themes, and it plays a big role in steampunk interiors as well. If your bedroom already boasts exposed brick, build on it by making it a focal point within the space. Hang minimal art or pictures on it or simply leave the walls to speak for themselves. According to Hollywood Hills Rehab, leaving the brick exposed for all to see is an easy way to incorporate textures and patterns into your home design.

Not everyone has the benefit of existing exposed brick within their home, much less in their bedroom. This doesn't mean you don't have options, nor does it dash your dreams of the ideal steampunk boudoir. You can find wallpaper that looks exactly like the real thing, and this allows you the option of having only one wall made of brick or if all of them. 

Use vintage trunks as furniture

Old trunks look great on their own, but now they can serve a purpose within your theme. Using these bulky items as bedside tables or extra storage at the foot of your bed creates an instant steampunk atmosphere with minimal effort. Just like with the maps, you are likely to find these travel cases at an antique shop or thrift store, but if you can't seem to locate one you can also use vintage suitcases.

The steampunk genre touches on elements of time travel, exploration, and all things vintage and futuristic at the same time. Using trunks as furniture throughout the home or wherever you have chosen this theme subtly acknowledges the different aspects and storylines of the category. The Decoist mentions that these items simultaneously pull together the steampunk theme while also playing on the Victorian side of things. These units were popular during the Victorian era, so they fit in easily with this decor scheme and add a touch of elegance, along with a heavy dose of vintage vibes.

Don't forget the herbs & flowers

Dried flowers can slot into a variety of interior design schemes, which makes them handy whenever you're decorating or creating a new one within your home. One of the simplest ways to add steampunk elements into your bedroom is by hanging picture frames featuring dried herbs inside. You don't need to overdo it, just include a few pieces on the walls and compliment them with smaller plants like succulents or faux hydrangeas.

In Victorian times, flowers had a lot of meaning for many people, and they deferred to them for finding secret messages or to gain an understanding of a situation. In fact, Floriagraphy is a book dedicated to the language of flowers and was popular during this era. According to Planterra Conservatory, people could send hidden correspondence with just flowers, and eventually, dictionaries were made to help people understand each one's meanings. It is no wonder why dried herbs and blooms fit so well into the steampunk genre, considering their dual purpose as aesthetically pleasing decor and secret messengers.

Globes galore

Just like with maps, globes play a big role in steampunk decor. Not only are they relics of the past, but they offer insight into the past, present, and even the future. Placing a globe in your bedroom, be it large or small, will pull the theme through and create a nostalgic feel at the same time. You want to try and find older versions that fit the antique accents that already exist within the space, so check out second-hand stores or online retailers for inspiration.

If you can't locate a vintage globe, you can also search local shops for copper, wood, or mixed metal versions, all of which play into the steampunk characteristics. Just like cogs and wheels, mixed metals effortlessly convey an industrial concept while boarding on elegance. According to All About Steampunk, the idea of travel and exploration play a central role in this genre, so don't be afraid to opt for a bigger globe that stands out against your other decor — use it as a focal point in the room to build around. You can also add in old typewriters and other relics that were futuristic for their time but also exude a vintage vibe.