Catherine L. Hensley

Photo of Catherine L. Hensley
Pasadena, CA
New York University, Louisiana State University
Gardening, Decorating, Green Living
  • Catherine and her husband became keen gardeners during the pandemic and now have many, many plants.
  • She has had a lot of success growing pumpkins.
  • From designer collaborations with major retailers to all things Goop, Catherine has a great interest in celebrity lifestyle brands and how they influence both pop culture and design trends.


Catherine is a freelance editor and writer. Her writing has appeared in HelloGiggles, Westwind (UCLA literary journal), House Digest, Nicki Swift, The List, Star Trek, Shondaland, Flare, The Advocate (Louisiana's largest newspaper), and other outlets. As an editor, she provides an extensive range of copyediting, proofreading, content editing, and writing services to a wide variety of clients located around the United States and abroad.


Catherine has a master's degree in creative writing and media criticism from NYU and a bachelor's degree in English from LSU.
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