Donna Rolando

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William Paterson University
Home Design, Real Estate, Housing Trends
  • Donna has extensive experience writing about home design and real estate, topics that have become her specialty.
  • She has been a journalist for three decades.
  • Donna has also been the recipient of numerous awards from the New Jersey Press Association.


As an award-winning writer with experience in home design, Donna has a special passion about this field and the excitement it brings to people's lives. Working as a journalist for 30 years has helped Donna hone her skills, which also include expertise in real estate. She also has practical experience in home design, which boosts her knowledge of trends, products, and styles. Together, this combination makes Donna a writer who can deliver an informed and engaging article.


Before starting college at William Paterson in Wayne, NJ, Donna knew she wanted to be a writer, and so she received her B.A. is in Communications/Journalism. Then, she knocked on every door to get experience, starting with the school newspaper and moving on to a daily within a few years.
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