Emily Kammerlohr

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Houston, Texas
Mount Holyoke College
First-time Home Buying, Mortgage Options, DIY Home Maintenance
  • Emily has been creating content for homeowners since 2015.
  • Her father owned a hardware store, so she grew up with "Mr. Fix It" and encourages everyone to never pay full price for maintenance.
  • She loves visiting Magnolia Market in nearby Waco, but she has yet to run into Chip and Jo.


Emily's love of architecture started as an undergraduate. Her course of study taught her all the ways home building and maintenance have changed since the ancient world and how things haven't really changed at all. She has worked as a professional writer since her 2015 graduation, founding the popular travel blog "She's a Trip" to document her adventures while working for domestic and international real estate clients. Emily joined Static Media in 2021.


Emily has a bachelor's degree in English and classics from Mount Holyoke College. Her liberal arts education enables her to research deeply and write about a variety of topics.
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