Gwen Swanson

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Orlando, Florida
University Of Central Florida
Home Design, World History, Lifestyle
  • Gwen has been writing professionally for over three years since graduating college with a major in History and a minor in Anthropology.
  • She has ghostwritten over 800 lifestyle articles for small businesses.
  • Her previous writing work involved drafting technical manuals for home builds; including home construction, finishes, appliances, and electrical equipment.


Gwen started writing professionally after she graduated from college, finding her first job as a freelance copywriter for a residential construction company. Over her years as a writer, she published content through Vivial Media, Thryv, and Best Reviews. She specializes in writing about home and lifestyle topics, but she also delves into technical writing for home builds.


Gwen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a minor in Anthropology in the fall of 2019. After attaining this degree, she earned additional certifications in marketing, SEO techniques, and Google Analytics to widen her professional knowledge regarding digital content. During her first job as a copywriter, she interned at two companies simultaneously to build her writing portfolio and expand her network within the world of content creation.
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