Leah Thomsen

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Misawa, Japan
Lakehead University, Liberty University
Interior Design, Real Estate, Home Shopping Trends
  • Leah's portfolio includes numerous features on luxury homes, interior design, home shopping, real estate, and design trends.
  • She has conducted memorable interviews with renowned and award-winning builders, home designers, realtors, and CEOs of multimillion-dollar corporations in the home shopping industry.
  • Recently, Leah accomplished her inaugural full home renovation, transforming a 1920s historic bungalow.


Leah is an experienced home, garden, design, and lifestyle writer with over eight years of expertise in the editorial and freelance space. As a news writer for House Digest, she has covered a wide range of topics, focusing on home design, renovations, and real estate.
Aside from her areas of expertise in home-related topics, she also possesses extensive experience in dining, travel, arts, and human-interest writing. Throughout her career, Leah has demonstrated her versatility by working as a writer, copy editor, and managing editor for both established and emerging print and digital platforms, conducting interviews with notable celebrities, developers, luxury designers, and corporate executives in the home and garden field. While serving as the managing editor of Tampa Magazines and curating the monthly home and garden section, as well as the annual home and garden issue, Leah earned a nomination for 'Best Columnist' in Creative Loafing's 2023 Best of The City Contest. She is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and has lived and worked in Thunder Bay, Canada, New York, Philadelphia, Tampa, and now Northern Japan. Leah has learned the ins and outs of real estate from her husband, and in her leisure time, she accompanies him while traveling, acquiring investment properties, and rehabilitating historic homes.


Leah has a B.A. in political science from Lakehead University. She is currently pursuing a M.A. in theological studies from Liberty University.
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