The Best Way To Clean The Crystals On Display In Your Home

Crystals have long been admired for their mystical beauty and purported healing properties, making them a popular choice for home décor. However, like all decorative items, they accumulate dust and lose luster over time. Cleaning these delicate items requires a gentle touch and an understanding of their unique properties. While the best way to clean them will depend on each individual crystal's properties, you will want to make sure you dust, remove grime, and cleanse their energy.

The first step in cleaning your crystals is to identify what type you have. Crystals vary in hardness and porosity, factors that determine the most suitable cleaning method. For instance, softer crystals like selenite can be damaged by water (ranking two on Moh's scale), while harder ones like quartz (seven on Moh's scale) are more resilient. Some crystals are polished, while others are rough and natural; some are sensitive to the sun (sapphire, citrine, etc.), and others have toxic properties that can react with specific cleaning agents. Knowing your crystal's qualities can prevent damage during the cleaning process, but one thing that makes all crystals suffer the same lackluster fate is dust.

Regular dusting is essential in crystal care; it's your first line of defense. Dust can accumulate quickly, dulling the crystal's appearance. To combat this, you only need a gentle makeup brush, like an eye brush, for your soft crystals and a stronger foundation brush for the harder ones. With this as a part of your regular cleaning routine, you can maintain your crystal's brilliance.

Cleaning methods based on crystal type

Unfortunately, built-up dust isn't the only problem for crystals. Grime and oil can also accumulate over time, creating a more challenging situation for you to clean. Similarly to dust, different crystals mean different treatments. For hard, non-porous crystals like quartz and amethyst, it is safe to use water as an effective cleaning agent, which also helps cleanse any negative energy accumulated in the stone. Rinse these crystals under lukewarm tap water or, even better, a natural source, avoiding extremes in temperature to prevent potential cracking. You can also use a soft brush to scrub off any grime. After rinsing, pat the crystals dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

For more delicate crystals, dry salt cleaning is a safer and more effective alternative. Burying the crystals in any natural salt for a day can help draw out impurities without the risk of water damage. After the salt treatment, gently wash off any remaining salt particles and leave to dry. Whereas with highly fragile crystals or porous ones, minimal intervention is necessary. Wiping them with a damp cloth is often sufficient, then wipe dry immediately. Avoid using chemicals or detergents, as these can be too harsh, damage the crystal's surface, and possibly change the color.

Beyond physical cleaning, many crystal enthusiasts also believe in the energetic cleansing of crystals, like smudging with sage or placing them under the sun and moonlight. While not a substitute for physical cleaning, these practices are believed to restore the crystal's energy.

Additional care and maintenance

While the above methods are the best for cleaning your crystals, they also serve another vital purpose — cleansing. Cleansing is the process of removing any negative energy that the crystal may have absorbed. It's believed that crystals can absorb energy from their surroundings, affecting their effectiveness. Believe it or not, cleansing is typically the first step in crystal care and is recommended when you first acquire a crystal and periodically after that.

However, proper care for the crystals in your home involves more than just routine cleaning and energetic cleansing; it necessitates meticulous handling and attentive maintenance. Always lift crystals by supporting their base, helping avoid accidental drops or chips that can mar their natural beauty. Additionally, conducting regular inspections for signs of wear like chips, cracks, or color shifts is not just beneficial but crucial. This proactive approach allows for the early detection of potential issues, aiding in the prevention of further damage and thus prolonging the life of your crystals. 

Caring for your crystals is much like tending to a vibrant, mystical garden. Each crystal, with its own story and energy, becomes a cherished part of your space, offering a connection to the natural world. Whether it's gently dusting them or basking them in moonlight, these rituals are not just acts of maintenance but moments of connection and wonder. In nurturing these earth-born treasures, you're not only preserving their beauty, but also enriching your daily life with a touch of nature's magic and serenity.