Miranda Mullings

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Springfield, Missouri
Washington University In St. Louis, Drury University
Home Decor, Design Trends, Houseplants
  • Miranda is obsessed with creating clean, functional spaces that reflect a family's or individual's personality.
  • She's made 21 houses her home across two countries.
  • As an animal lover who believes in the health benefits of houseplants, she can tell you every houseplant that's safe for pets.


Miranda's writing focuses on holistic lifestyles. She started her writing career as a communications consultant for organizations centered on sustainability, which continues to thread through her writing expertise. Her past experiences include writing for luxury home goods brands. She loves writing content to help you make your home your happy place.


Miranda obtained a Bachelors of Arts with honors in writing in 2019 and graduated with a Masters of Arts in 2022.
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