Nick Polishchuk

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New Westminster, British Columbia
George Brown College, Toronto
DIY Repairs, Home Energy Conservation, Indoor Gardening
  • In 2017, Nick left a cushy engineering job to pursue his deep-rooted passion — writing about all things home.
  • His stories draw inspiration from the convergence of energy efficiency, home comfort, and forging healthy living spaces.
  • Since buying his condo, Nick learned that gardening doesn't have to be a privilege for detached house owners. He and his wife have nurtured a lush indoor garden of over 20 plant species in less than 1,000 square feet of space.


Nick's professional background in construction management catapulted his freelance writing career, and he has been a writer and editor for the better half of a decade. In his first writing job, he brought his engineering know-how to the blog of Design Everest, a structural engineering firm in California. After contributing pieces on topics as varied as seismic retrofits and home HVAC systems, he began writing for an insulation manufacturer, Logix Brands. There, Nick gained deep insights into home sustainability strategies that save homeowners money and slash greenhouse gas emissions. He has also worked as a content writer and editor at TheCoolist, a lifestyle blog that brought him to the intersection of home living and culture. Nick is delighted to be part of the House Digest team, where he can share his knowledge and ideas with a readership as passionate about home-related topics as he is.


Nick has an advanced diploma in construction engineering technology from George Brown College in Toronto.
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