Sydney Fogel

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San Francisco, CA
Boston University
Mid-Century Decor, Micro-Trends, Home Hacks
  • Sydney just moved into a new home and is seizing this opportunity to create an interior design that's rooted in her expertise.
  • She's always on the lookout for hacks and trends on social media that she can integrate into her home and life.
  • She's in love with the varied architecture found in San Francisco and the Bay Area, and enjoys reading up on the history behind each home style.


Sydney joined Static Media in 2022 and edits for House Digest. She has been a professional writer for a decade, with her work primarily being in the lifestyle space. While writing for the women's lifestyle site Livingly, she was an expert on trending topics, and particularly enjoyed writing about various emerging aesthetics and nostalgic influences. As a freelancer, Sydney contributed to The Infatuation's products vertical, curating shopping lists related to home decor. She also covered the local San Francisco and Bay Area culture scene for 7x7, where she did everything from interviewing artists to highlighting restaurant remodels.


Sydney has a bachelor's degree in English from Boston University, with a concentration in creative writing. She also has a minor in psychology from Boston University.
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