Sydney Fogel

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San Francisco, CA
Boston University
Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Food & Restaurants
  • Sydney has over seven years of experience writing for lifestyle publications.
  • Her covered topics include everything from pop culture and entertainment, to home decor and wellness — and she has also conducted many interviews with celebrities, influencers, and experts.
  • She's a passionate writer and creative thinker who loves making quality content people actually enjoy.


Sydney has been a professional writer for nearly a decade, with over seven years of that being in the lifestyle space. She wrote for Livingly Media's flagship site, Livingly, for five years, rising from an associate editor to pop culture sections editor. Now Sydney has a robust freelance writing career which includes bylines with The Infatuation, Brides, and 7x7 Bay Area. She joined Static Media in 2022 and is now a regular contributor to House Digest.


Sydney has a bachelor's degree in English from Boston University, with a concentration in creative writing. She also has a minor in Psychology from Boston University.
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