Tiffany Selvey

Photo of Tiffany Selvey
Northwest Arkansas
University Of Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas Community College
Gardening, Landscaping, Interior Design
  • Tiffany has been a master gardener for over a decade with over 1,000 volunteer hours and over 200 educational hours
  • In 2015, she was invited to visit P. Allen Smith's at Moss Mountain Farm for a tour and discussion about sustainable gardening. He is just as nice in person as he is on his show, Garden Home.
  • Not only is Tiffany obsessed with outdoor gardens and native plants, she also collects houseplants. Begonias are her favorite, and she's never met one she didn't like.


With years of education and experience in interior design, Tiffany has worked for Modsy as a Platinum Room Stylist. Outside the home, Tiffany uses her experience as a master gardener to share her love of dirt and plants with friends and family. When not rearranging furniture or tending to her garden, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her rescue animals, family, and friends.


Tiffany has an associate of arts degree from Northwest Arkansas Community College and a bachelor of arts degree in communication. These degrees make her uniquely qualified to share her love of home and garden with those seeking to learn.
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