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Birkbeck University Of London
Small Space Living, Art & Decor, Houseplants
  • Zara lived in a tiny bedsit for six years and was able to redesign the tiny space over and over again, creating 'mini rooms' to make it feel more like a home.
  • She discovered her obsession with indoor gardening and now has an urban jungle in her rented home with 50 houseplants nurtured from babies.
  • Zara's film script 'Love Me' was placed in the top 10% of screenplays received by the BBC Writersroom in its 2023 Open Call.


Zara has worked as a professional online content writer for nearly a decade. Over the years she has created articles and web content for different private clients on various lifestyle topics, like pets, health and wellbeing, and parenting. During this time she ran her own pet care business for five years, which lead to her specialising in the pet writing niche. Most recently she was hired for a year as a full-time SEO writer for the UK parenting site Netmums. Along the way, Zara has also dabbled in personal creative projects, including self-published poetry books, and blogging. Her very first blog was about her obsession with Filofax planners! She now blogs about what it is like to live and work with a mental health disorder.


Zara has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media with a Postgraduate Certificate in Screenwriting from Birkbeck University of London.
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