Why You Should Never Buy Bedding At Home Goods

The appeal of Home Goods may seem strange to those who always shop with a particular purpose. This is because this retailer always has new items on the shelf, so you never know what you're going to find. Philadelphia Magazine says that this store draws daring shoppers precisely for this reason: every trip is a surprise. When watching shoppers stroll down the aisles, they noticed that everyone ended up with a mishmash of seemingly random items, displaying how you typically don't go into Home Goods actually looking for something specific. Even more than shopping, this store can be an experience — and finding an amazing deal can bring a boost of serotonin that makes the endless cart pushing all worth it.

However, not every item at Home Goods is a knockout. In fact, there's an aisle you may want to skip altogether: the bedding section. Below, you'll discover why Home Goods bedding may not be the best. 

Why you should shop for bedding elsewhere

When perusing the Home Goods website for bedding, a common theme quickly emerges: many of their sets are made of polyester (though few are made of other materials, like linen or cotton). According to Sewport, polyester is a synthetic material typically made from petroleum. Unfortunately, this very popular material greatly contributes to pollution, so those who are environmentally conscious will want to choose a different fabric. Additionally, Mattress Clarity says that, while polyester is typically affordable, it doesn't feel breathable, and those with sensitive skin may find it irritating. Further, these sheets usually have a low thread count and may not be very comfortable. 

Higher quality but still cheap options include upland cotton, which is cooling and feels extra soft, or flannel, which is great for the winter. For those who don't mind splurging, silk or linen may be the best material options. However, if you're still set on buying bedding at Home Goods, make sure you choose ones that are not made from synthetic materials.