The 5 Best Crystals For Your Home If You Need To Open Your Root Chakra

Chakras are sacred energy systems throughout your body that affect your emotions, mind, spirit, and physical being. Every human being has seven chakras, and each chakra is energetically connected to a physical part of your body. The root chakra, located at the base of your spine, is the first of them. Your root chakra keeps you the most grounded, safe, and secure, and it's known as the chakra that's most connected to your physical energy, according to Chakras Info. Because the root chakra regulates your physical and emotional well-being, according to Conscious Items, sometimes stress or traumatic and difficult life-altering events can cause it to become blocked. When this happens, the root chakra closes due to feeling unsafe and becomes imbalanced, according to Angel Grotto. Due to this energetic change within your body, you experience fear, anxiety, insecurities, and struggle with your emotions.

A powerful way to rebalance and open your root chakra is with healing crystals. These stones help you realign yourself with your chakras throughout your body, mind, and spirit. Healing crystals are most successful when they're in close space with the blocked chakra. For this reason, keeping these five crystals in your home is exactly what you need to reap the benefits of each crystal's healing properties, restore inner balance, and, most importantly, open your root chakras. This invisible energy is a vital life force.

1. Smoky quartz

As one of the principal healing crystals for your root chakra, smoky quartz is a rare gem with spiritual powers, according to Conscious Items. It's the primary stone for eliminating low vibrations and negative entities from not only your root chakra but your aura and body as well. This stone works as a reminder to stay in the present moment and change your perception from thinking negative to positive, especially during tough times that feel never-ending.

Its healing properties include emotional stability and tranquility, which are highly needed to face difficult decisions and life situations while keeping calm, cool, and collected in the process. With smoky quartz, your root chakra will open, and your intuition will strengthen. If you're someone who struggles with fear and anxiety, this crystal is for you because it'll rid your mind and spirit of unwanted thoughts and self-limiting beliefs, according to Good Juu Juu. Keep it close to you in your meditation room when you're having a session, or sleep with it in close proximity. Better yet, why not do both?

2. Red jasper

If there's one gem that will boost your motivation and drive, it's this vibrant red stone. According to Crystals and Jewelry, red is a powerful color that works best in opening your root chakra to bring it back into balance, so this is one crystal that is crucial for you to have in your space. As a symbol of inner strength, endurance and prosperity, red jasper is recognized for reminding you of your inner light and divine power, according to Tiny Rituals. The purpose of it is to cleanse your energy and your space, as well as bring you back into harmony with your highest self when navigating life obstacles. 

This is a precious stone to use for times of uncertainty and to unblock your root chakra when you're feeling low self-esteem. However, red jasper is powerful in more ways than one. When it comes to work and personal projects, red jasper is a vital stone to have for a boost of confidence and energy to execute tasks and obstacles that arise. If you need to focus and get things done, work with this stone by your side in your home office as you tackle the day. 

3. Obsidian

This all-black stone is nothing but the truth ... literally. Obsidian works as a stone of protection and reveals to you the truth about who you are and anything you've been hiding or avoiding dealing with. If you've been in denial about anything in your life, especially negative emotions, with this crystal in your possession, you won't be able to distract yourself any longer. 

Your root chakra will become activated so that you can release the emotional baggage you've been carrying over periods of time in your life, according to Good Juu Juu. With new internal enlightenment, you'll feel better equipped to trust your instincts and combat negative feelings you've been harboring, so you can heal and move on. Everything will come to the surface for the better. Your root chakra will unblock, and its energy will cleanse your home and your body's aura so that you'll feel lighter and stronger than before.

4. Black tourmaline

If you're craving some good vibes and positive energy, black tourmaline is the stone to promote just that and reactivate your root chakra in the process. As a high vibrational energetic stone, black tourmaline represents happiness, positivity, good luck, and protection. This stone protects from negative spirits, people, and forces outside of you, according to Cape Cod Crystals. It's so powerful that you will be protected from people projecting onto you and sending you unwell wishes, bad health, and bad luck, according to Angel Grotto.

Black tourmaline is a crucial crystal for anyone craving more stability in their life. Its purpose is to transmute low vibrational energy into high vibrational energy so beautiful manifestations can come your way. With its healing powers, you'll feel more grounded, wholesome, and secure in your work, relationships, and, most importantly, yourself. It works as a reminder to trust yourself, your process, and your life.

5. Garnet

The garnet stone is most successful for the root chakra because its main priority is to reignite the passion in your soul. When your root chakra is blocked, you will feel it not only in your physical health but your emotional health too. Your energy will feel low, and you may experience a lack of passion and interest in things that are normally important to you. To open your root chakra and regain emotional balance, garnet is the crystal you need in your home to restore your energy and ignite the fire in your soul, according to Conscious Items. It also promotes strength, courage, and growth. 

Everyone has a need for belonging we suppress as children and as we get older. The garnet crystal heals that part of you, so you can feel a sense of belonging within yourself, according to Cape Cod Crystals. When your root chakra is open, your intuition strengthens, and you'll feel safe and secure from within.